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Hello! I put up the 5 new copies from 5 new sales beforehand, so that you can get it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it after your reading! Please consider rating it 5⭐ afterwards too ☺️


Thanks so much! I'll review it as soon as I can. 😊 Super hyped to play this. ☺

Also, is it possible to play the game solo? I'd be open to testing a couple solo playthroughs. 🙂 But I know it's intended for 2 - 6 players.

The rules weren't written to play solo, but I'm sure there's a way to do it. I might try and design that after the game as it is is fully playtested and working as intended, but for now I'll have to leave it in your hands to figure out a solution for that.


Awesome! You can count on me! 😊 I'll write my review after my playthrough and write some notes on how the solo play went.

Awesome! Thank you very much ☺️