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Thank you Jupiter ! and nice video :)

Hi nielisson ! Thats weird, for the HTML5 version of the game i know browsers like Safari don't work well, I tested my game on Chrome and it worked.. maybe check your mouse ? :) thank you for testing  and your feedback ! (and could you upload an html5 or Mac version of your game so i could test and rate it :) )

Thank you Xenological ! 

Hi DeadEye, thanx for your comment, i would love to play your game but i don't have windows pc, could you upload an online or mac version of it ? thank you again for playing Araignée du Soir ! :)

Hi DK5000p, I really wanted to use the 7 themes, but time run very fast for me the last two days of the jam... anyway, thank you for finishing my game :)

Hi Callan ! 

Thank you for your detailed  feedback, I agree with you about the gameplay : next planet should have give you a handgun so you could shoot aliens... but time was running fast ! :) I try to develop a Mouse Only game, so I participate to jams to train myself, maybe the final project would look like Petit Espace... who knows ? ;) (I'm just finishing an other jam if you want to try : ) 

Thank you for your comments about the art, it's was the first time I scanned hand drawings + vector drawing for the colors and the animation. I must confess the spaceship is more than inspired from Nibbler's one in Futurama ;) 

 Anyway, it was a lot of fun to participate, I wish I could organize my time better next time you host a jam ! :)


Thank you a lot for playing ! I'll try to improve the music after the jam, I know it's very repetitive and so boring. 

by the way, could you upload a web or mac version of your game ? I really wish to test it !

Thanx MrQuickGame ! you're right, I wasn't very inspired for the 8bit music this time,,  I spent a lot of time during the jam testing the levels so I'm very happy you enjoyed the gameplay !

Thank you Jon ! yeah because i'm not a great gamer I try to make things easy to use :) 

did you use space bar or up arrow to jump ? I just saw I forgot to create the possibility to use "space bar jump" on moving platform...

:) It could ! I hope I'll have time to develop this project to see where it leads :) thanx Jon !

Thank You Astro ! I don't have the feeling the beep is too loud but I'm maybe a bit deaf :)  As I say above, I'm still developing this project for the Philosophy Game Jam, so I'll let you know when it's finished ? Thanx again for playing !

 Thank you Joshua for your video and your comments, rules needs to be broken ! ;)    Your jam and the Philosophy Game Jam are taking place at the same time but the Philosophy Jam last longer, so I am still developing this project,,, see you in 5 days for a longer version of the game ?

thanx again for your enthusiasm !

cool !  I'm glad you could test it,  and see you in a week for the Hodur submission ! :)

Ok so i finally could compile a HTML5 version ! :)

I use Stencyl and the HTML5 export is still a problem , I'm waiting for the new Stencyl but the version is now one year late...

Hi ! you can download the .swf but it feels like  it lags a bit...  try it ! :)

First try was a bit hard but after I understood I must keep calm with my mouse :) Maybe the gravity is a bit strong and the snake too big ?  Keep working on it !! 

the bush makes a flower the next day, when you find it it's the end of the game (he finally find something he likes) , the dry rose is a side quest :D, I like to put things that aren't useful in my games and You can take a piss (open the toilet) the day 5 or 2 (i don't remember right now), Music and Fx would have been cool; that's right but I didn't have the time, maybe for a post-compo.... graphics are made with InkScape (Tim's portrait too ;) ) Kinda depressing yeah,,, it is based on a "huis clos" style story. Thanx for playing :)

thanx Waffle Man ! I used Inkscape for the graphics,

yeah that's right, maybe  a "8 days system" was too much for the jam, I will try a "4 days system" post-compo so the game looks less empty, thanx :)

Thanx:) I'll try to develop it a bit more !

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thanx for the advice, i'll add an hidden turbo button to the post compo ! :)

Hey ! Thanxx for playing :)

Yo ! :)