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use your mouse to play / Toe GameJam
Submitted by RATURE — 3 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline

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Music / Sound Effects#60.7071.000

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Judge feedback

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  • Hello RATURE! I must say, this game was awesome. The art was very nice to look at, and the animations were cool. I do realize that the game is incomplete, but if it was complete, I think this game would have been fantastic! There was no music or sound effects in the entire game which well it didn't ruin the game at all, just would have been nice if there was some. Seriously though, the art in this game was fantastic :D. 

    Now, onto the gameplay, was it fun? Boring? Well, I thought it was a bit between the two. Going into space and flying around up to the different planet then actually being able to go onto it was so cool and quite fun! But walking around on the planets was a little boring, as there is nothing on these planets at all. I think if there were maybe enemies you could maybe fight and kill on the planets would have hugely improved the game. Or maybe more things to interact with or things to collect? I do understand that this had to be made in a week, and this was quite impressive to be made in that amount of time so well done :)

    Overall, this game was a great experience, and I do believe if you kept improving on this game, it could be something amazing! Well done, petit espace gets a 8/10. 

    - Callan

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Hi Callan ! 

Thank you for your detailed  feedback, I agree with you about the gameplay : next planet should have give you a handgun so you could shoot aliens... but time was running fast ! :) I try to develop a Mouse Only game, so I participate to jams to train myself, maybe the final project would look like Petit Espace... who knows ? ;) (I'm just finishing an other jam if you want to try : ) 

Thank you for your comments about the art, it's was the first time I scanned hand drawings + vector drawing for the colors and the animation. I must confess the spaceship is more than inspired from Nibbler's one in Futurama ;) 

 Anyway, it was a lot of fun to participate, I wish I could organize my time better next time you host a jam ! :)