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Hello all, and welcome to the Toe Jam game jam! Hosted by NightZard Productions! You will have 7 days to create a game from scratch based on a theme that you will be given! You can also give us suggestions for the theme here.

Be sure to join our discord server!



Well done to 'Predominant', 'Emurga', and 'wonkshop' for making the game 'Escape'. It was an awesome game so well done!

We are hosting another game jam that starts on April fools! If you are interested in joining, join here:

The Theme Is:


Theme suggested by 'predom'. Now go make a game based on the theme 'Space'! We can't wait to play the games you guys create! Remember that you can use the word however you like, think outside the box! 


- Only self made assets

- The game has to be made by ONLY YOU OR YOUR TEAM!

- Has only been made for this jam - any game that has been submitted to other game jams will not be ranked.

- NSFW games are allowed, but make sure you state this on your game page.

-  And most importantly, have fun!

Find a team:

If you are in need of a team check out our Crowdforge page! You can create or join existing teams and meet new people there! Alternatively you can join our Discord and team up there! 

Additional Information:

You are allowed as many people as you want in a team! But remember - the more people you have, the harder it can be to be organised.  There are going to be 2 people judging every game, myself Callan, and my sister Kara. We will be giving every single one of you feedback on your games! Telling you what we liked about it, and what could be improved. You can give us ideas as to what the theme could be by going here. We will randomly choose one of the themes that you have suggested.  There will be NO rewards to be won, other than the feeling of accomplishment. 

Voting Criteria:

- Gameplay (Is your game fun to play?)

- Art(Are your game's visuals nice to look at?)

- Theme (How much does the game relate to the theme?)

- Music / Sound Effects (Does the game sound good? Is the music nice to listen to?)

- Feel (Does the game feel good play? Do the controls feel stiff or do they feel good to control?)

If you think your game is good in all criterias, then it's time to publish!

Tips & Tricks:

- We recommend no more than 4 people in a team - but this is not a requirement.

- Staying awake for too long is a really bad idea. You will lose focus and could make many mistakes.

- Don't worry if you're not experienced in making games, now is a great time to learn and have some fun!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't be afraid to ask us about it in the discord server!


Q1.  I am not good at making games, but can I still participate? 

Answer: Of course! Now is a better time than ever to get experience. 

Q2. Is it better to have a team?

Answer: It really depends on how organised your team is.

Q3. What game engine should I use?

Answer: We recommend Unity, Unreal or Gamemaker. But there are loads of game engines to choose from so at the end of the day its really up to you.

Social Media:

If you want to keep in contact with us, go chat us up on social media or join our very own discord server.


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