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maybe more an inner exploration
Submitted by RATURE — 9 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline

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  • Nice entry. The game was a really cool experience.

    You did break some rules so I will take points from the graphics rating.

    The game overall was a great experience, perfect length for a gamejam game as well and I'd love to see a game like this in the app store! :)

    The powerups were cool (though the yellow one's timer was annoying, I had to wait for the effect to wear off before getting it again). The whole feel and setting of the game was really well done and the game play was smooth as butter. The music fit the game really well and it was nice to hear that the music got extra stuff added when you picked up the yellow power-up and during the gauntlet at the end. Cool stuff!

    The controls were nice, I just kept holding the move button the whole time and it was pretty easy overall. I did notice the difficulty going up slightly though. The level design was nice, it felt well done and just long enough as well. The hitboxes were a bit too perfect, which means that you should probably tone them down a bit in size as the player usually wants a little leeway in that regard to quickly fit into some gaps in such a reactive game. I didn't really see the exploration theme too much in it, yet it did give me the vibe of exploration a little.

    Good job and I'd like to see this game expanded for sure :D

What are the two shapes you selected?
circle and triangle

What parts of the game did you create BEFORE the jam?

What parts of the game are from external assets (NOT created by you)?

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Host (1 edit)

Here's my feedback: Thanks for entering!


 Thank you Joshua for your video and your comments, rules needs to be broken ! ;)    Your jam and the Philosophy Game Jam are taking place at the same time but the Philosophy Jam last longer, so I am still developing this project,,, see you in 5 days for a longer version of the game ?

thanx again for your enthusiasm !

The game is nice and relaxing. The usage of sound is amazing, and really gives the game some chill and relaxing vibes. Only downside of the sound is that when you kill a triangle the beep is way too loud in comparison with the other sounds.

Overall I'd give this game a solid 8/10!


Thank You Astro ! I don't have the feeling the beep is too loud but I'm maybe a bit deaf :)  As I say above, I'm still developing this project for the Philosophy Game Jam, so I'll let you know when it's finished ? Thanx again for playing !

Nice little game, the sound is good! This can perfectly become a phone game.


:) It could ! I hope I'll have time to develop this project to see where it leads :) thanx Jon !