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I just listened to the podcast too (I was busy with school work, I couldn’t earlier). Some projects sound really fun, I’ll check them out as soon as I can.

About my submission, I honestly didn’t know you liked SHMUPS, I’m glad you liked it :), but I noticed after submitting the game that I made a typo somewhere in the code, which made the game a lot easier. You were normally supposed to get much more enemies over time as well as what I call « zooming » enemies (enemies that just appear on screen and go directly from the top to the bottom of the screen, so you have to avoid then).

Overall this jam was really fun (and pretty chill with the 9 days of development), thanks for hosting it!

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Game Engine/Language
C#, FNA (so it's a custom engine)

Aseprite, but I lack art skills

SFXR. I thought about using FamiStudio to make NES music, but I didn't have inspiration for music, nor am I a music composer.

Both the game and the engine are open-source, I'll post a link on my game/submission's page.


For this game jam (my first game jam btw), I'm going to work with a custom engine made in C# using FNA (the engine will be made during the jam). I just have one question: is the Mac build really required? I know it's possible to port a MonoGame/FNA game to macOS, but when I did it, it wouldn't work. Linux builds works though.

I've heard web builds were a thing, but I haven't looked into how it works/how to get one working.

(Note: I'm still very new to game development. I should have started with an engine, but decided to do everything on my own to challenge myself)

The mod looks cool, but I found 2 wrong things with it

1. Creating a cast program is super hard without a guide or a tutorial

2. The mod always traces those 2 errors:

Always: mods/psi/psi.mod.gml[L652,c28] Variable is not an array

When trying to shoot with a CAD device: mods/psi/mods/default/cad.wep.gml[L34,c5] `102210` (Player) does not have a variable `spellAssemblerVisible`


best game-breaking mod out there

Note: take mutations that include patience at all cost for a better effect

For some reason when I'm playing this demo on Brave, it stops loading and sends an error, but when I try to play it on Edge, the mouse cursor is not visible!

Now this will be my new FL Studio app

Haven't noticed that until now, but there's controller support. How did you manage to do that on a web page??

There's no Exit button...

This game is so siiiiiiiiick

I can't wait for full version, so cool!

But refering to your first video of making the game, there are a lot of glitches involving your rewritting of the 1st person movement

I really like the idea of moving the window to move the charatcer, but it is a bit too short (I understand that it was made for a game jam and that you didn't have enough time to make more levels, but more mechanics/levels/a level editor would be great!)