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give it a shot now maybe

dialog is my own code :o also controls are remappable in options

alt gets picked up by the browser unfortunately. controls are remappable in options tho


the final boss is weak vs the tree attack :o

thx for the heads up :o

color change is always random but it does happen more quickly and more often for music that's more energetic :o 

oh noo broken shader pink :< i'll probably hafta figure out how to fix that someday

i way overestimated my ability :o i'll try to add in everythin i imagined in time

story didn't make the cut :< i may continue workin on it, at least to fully grasp how massively i overscoped

thankyou :o it is all random yes

i just didn't crop them right cause i was tired :< they are scaled x5.625.

yes, the third level is the final one

i made the boss harder at the last minute when i should've known better haha :< if i keep it goin i'm gonna tone it down and make it into an actionrpg

thanks yo :o dl'd your newer version and got thru it fine

i really like it. i wanna like it more :O i got to the level with the rising lava and glitched out something, my dude just disappeared and the lava went up to the top and off the screen and i was softlocked. played thru the game again from the beginning and it happened again :< not sure exactly what i'm doing to break it, though i do throw a lot of bones frantically as the lava approaches so maybe it's the fault of a stray bone causing me to spawn below the killzone or something. also as the other commentator mentioned it does make me feel sad when i get killed by something hitting my old body as my new body is in the process of forming. 

i ended up zoning out and playing this for like 2 hours. though i am a sucker for this kinda thing. the number of skulls you've collected does start to get obscured after you have more than 100 haha :O

you'll have to walk me through the process but i'll help you out if i can

that's ok, imagination is something i don't have a lot of. i mostly use telegram nowadays, i'm RainbowCemetery on there. i know i got a skypes around here somewhere but i never really used it. i think it was live:rainbowcemetery

i've been wanting to get in on these for the past two months but my schedule was always a bit too crap. and the theme for this one is pretty difficult for me i'd probably need to collab with someone to have any hope of getting something out there. failing that i'd still think it was worthwhile if i helped someone learn something :o