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i really like it. i wanna like it more :O i got to the level with the rising lava and glitched out something, my dude just disappeared and the lava went up to the top and off the screen and i was softlocked. played thru the game again from the beginning and it happened again :< not sure exactly what i'm doing to break it, though i do throw a lot of bones frantically as the lava approaches so maybe it's the fault of a stray bone causing me to spawn below the killzone or something. also as the other commentator mentioned it does make me feel sad when i get killed by something hitting my old body as my new body is in the process of forming. 

Hey RainbowCemetery,

Thanks for your feedback, you were exactly right - you were spawning below the lava due to stray bones. We've fixed that, as well as slowed down the lava to be less punishing. Hopefully this fix will improve the final level. 

From Jakob

thanks yo :o dl'd your newer version and got thru it fine