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Wow, I love this! Really captures the feeling of following a well-trodden memory, or making a kind of ritualistic commute to a personal place. I like the rich imagery, and the theming of a place "beholding itself", just sort of living on even when you're absent. There's something haunting about that idea on its own.

The simple graphics and gameplay force the player to take in the words and imagine the details, the colour palettes are nice, the sound sets the tone really well. Cute experience, creative interpretation!

Wow what an awesome game! I'll follow the trend and give you a dot point list :)

  • Love the art, the lighting complements it super well too. 
  • Sound design is great, very atmospheric, everything makes a noise and that's rare and nice
  • Platforming feels tight and crisp - you're clearly experienced in making games of this style! Unity game physics can sometimes feel goofy when they're in a quickly made jam game, but you've got it down just right in this project, so it feels like you know the tools really well.
  •  Traps feel fair and fun, just well-hidden enough to surprise you but not so invisible that you feel cheated - observation is rewarded nicely! Although because spring traps and stuff don't reset on death, I often didn't need to learn from my mistakes, just persevering through instead. That could be something to change/rethink
  • The game could definitely be longer, with more forest to explore! Since you made all the assets and put the hard work in, you could have easily used them for a little longer, or introduced them more gradually (although springing a million trap types on the player at the beginning is pretty effective, spooky and cool!)
  • To me, the climax was the fast-paced chase scene - surely this would have made sense at the end? Or a more challenging reprise of the chase mechanics? But hey you were probably super pushed for time, I'm just thinking of more ideas because it's a cool game with plenty of room to extend it. 

Basically just nice work getting so many assets and great-feeling mechanics done so quickly!

Wow thanks so much! :)

thankyou! yep, the building mechanics were a bit buggy - we were using an unfamiliar game engine so it was all pretty chaotic. But i'm glad you had fun!

Ahhh thanks so much! Here are the tunes if you wanna hear it all again :)

thanks! glad you enjoyed :)

Wow that is some awesome feedback! Thanks so much for the specifics. This was our first Godot game (I started learning how to use the program last saturday) so I was really learning the ropes on the fly here. And yeah the moving platform movement never quite worked nicely, easing sounds like a good solution that would be easy to implement, so I'll try to fix that. Also, great points about the hitboxes and coyote time - I can't wait to experiment with that stuff! Also directional signs are a great idea. Glad you enjoyed the story, and the summit! 

Nice little platformer! You weren't lying when you said it was tricky either - I got 258 seconds. You had me making a couple difficult choices for which way to go up near the top. The visuals are really nice and clean, too, and the music is fitting and fun although it would be great if it looped. Cute characters and overall good presentation!

Hey, nice game! Really fun arcade-style take on the theme. Love the low-poly art style and the physics feels fair and fun. I got 154s!

Thanks so much! Glad you liked the game. Variable jump was definitely an idea we thought about, given a little more time we definitely would've put it in - thanks for the suggestion!

Also, yep in that screen you can continue to the left, you just need to jump over a couple tiles that are offscreen to the left of the little thatch roof, and then on the next screen you wait for a wooden gondola. That's a design flaw that we will certainly do a post-jam fix for - let us know if you ever finish the game and have more feedback!

Ah wow glad you enjoyed it! Yep that level was definitely a questionable design choice... perhaps a couple more platforms in that room would alleviate some headaches

Thanks so much! Yep, that is a glitch haha we were very pressed for time so there's a few loose ends and potential softlocks. One thing that may help you progress; the R key kills Robin and returns her to a checkpoint, so that should get you out of any glitchy situations! Also yeah we definitely considered a speedrun timer, given another day we would've certainly chucked one in. But thanks for all the feedback!

Hey, thanks so much for the fun video! We really enjoyed it, plus your commentary was helpful :)

Thank you so much! It's comments like these that make it all worth it for us :)

I'm not sure if we've got the necessary license, but I think HTML5 builds are a great idea so we'll try and get that sorted for next time. Thanks for the awesome feedback!

Very cute, and really conveys Ceasar's paranoia with the audio and the big hitboxes making it feel appropriately claustrophobic. Controls feel good, and the difficulty curve is nice. Neat game!

Super cool approach to the limitation and theme. Conversation as the main mechanic is pretty clever. Maybe if there were variations between people, where you had to have a full conversation with them to get the money, that would be even cooler. I like the contrast between day and night, varying the music would enhance it further, and some progression between days would be cool to see. Nice work, good jammin!

Nice boss battle and cool lore in the opening text! Very pretty art and smooth animations. I took ages to wrap my head around the control scheme though, and it's super hard I could only beat it cos I glitched and became invulnerable. Maybe more variety of attacks and a bit more breathing space would be good.

This is very, very cool. I love the way most of the game happens in your head, and the questions lead you to imagine further context. And to let me see the other player's choices at the end is so simple but adds a lot. Is it a game? I have no idea, but whatever it is it's nifty. If you ported it out of Google Forms and gave it some minimal graphics (alongside the text) and nice audio it would add to the immersion.

A truly historically accurate reimagining of Nero's reign. Maybe add some other enemy types, or some threats to the player. Great work jamming!

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I can vouch for Father's Pizza, it's definitely a recommendation. Also thanks for dropping by leafo

Hey silent_lesch,

Thanks for the detailed review, although unfortunately we couldn't understand it, maybe a rough translation would be good. We're glad you enjoyed the game and this kind of feedback really makes the whole development process worth it. Good luck growing your channel!

From Jakob and Zenry

Hey RainbowCemetery,

Thanks for your feedback, you were exactly right - you were spawning below the lava due to stray bones. We've fixed that, as well as slowed down the lava to be less punishing. Hopefully this fix will improve the final level. 

From Jakob

Great atmosphere, the sound design and the glowing eyes in the dark really add to the tension. Short but sweet, I like the focus on exploration, it feels kind of like Alien. Nice work!

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks so much for your positive feedback, this is the sort of support that every aspiring game dev hopes for. It was our first jam and we learned a lot about creating and developing puzzle mechanics and building worlds and levels. I'm glad you enjoyed our game, and I really appreciate how you shed light on and discuss obscure indie games in your blog - it's a good feeling to see small projects get focus.

Controls should be shown on opening screen, but if you missed them: player one is left and right arrows, player two is A and D keys. Hope that helps you!