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Hey! Yeah, you!

A topic by Solaic created Dec 05, 2016 Views: 242 Replies: 8
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.3. Welcome. On behalf of the incredibly awkward new guy--me-- I welcome you to this place of holly-jolly rainbow-filled goodness!

Uh... that's about all that came to mind. Creativity: zero.

Anyways, how is everyone? Ideas? Teams? Shenanigans?


As for me; I'm going to be *that guy*, and come out of the closet.
I have absolutely zero game-producing experience(wasn't the answer you were looking for, was it xD?). I got into code(with a smattering of C++) via HTML/CSS(please don't make the webpage-gaming distinction for me), and connected the enthusiasm for creating patiently(and stressfully) to that of making video games. I also dabble with Adobe After Efects and Audacity, if that... uh... means something, or has some kind of significa... yeah, I'm going to stop rambling about how much I don't know.

Did I mention I'm 17? I have an avid yearn to learn, and a matching interest in making video games. It's a dream, really, and knowing how difficult it is(trust me, I've done my research), I've swore to myself to not quit; this is my career, no matter how hard it is for me to reach.

So, I guess I wound up here. Is there a team, or a person out there, open for me to join, and learn? Don't worry, I'm not the sappy student that sits around, and does nothing. Or, if I'd really be that much of a hindrance, perhaps I can spectate your work? I've learned to... well, learn, from other's work, and I do like to believe that I learn quite quickly. I'm a good writer, open, with a lot of free time(yay, no life in highschool!), a decent(only because it works when I daydream) imagination, *purty* good math skills(two plus two is fish, right?), and a sense of humour~!

I think that's about it. I'm probably missing something. Okay, I'm missing a lot. But I get the reward for first post in the community! Yeah! Woo!

I do get a reward, right?


i've been wanting to get in on these for the past two months but my schedule was always a bit too crap. and the theme for this one is pretty difficult for me i'd probably need to collab with someone to have any hope of getting something out there. failing that i'd still think it was worthwhile if i helped someone learn something :o

Wonderful! ^w^ Well, kind off. Judging by your website, you seem fairly experienced, so I'd love to learn from you! On the other hand, though, I'm afraid I can't offer more than an imagination, thoughtful collaboration, a somewhat mediocre artsy side, and my writing skills; until I do learn of the technical aspects. Do you have somewhere better to communicate? Perhaps a Skype, or Discord?

that's ok, imagination is something i don't have a lot of. i mostly use telegram nowadays, i'm RainbowCemetery on there. i know i got a skypes around here somewhere but i never really used it. i think it was live:rainbowcemetery

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Alas, but--get this, and revel in the comedy-- I don't have a phone. .3. Yep. Thusly, no telegram for me. I will look for you on Skype, however. And, perusing your links,you seem to have plenty of imagination; and a gift for art, to boot~

Hi Soliac, I've only made a couple of games (And not on anywhere available).
I'm happy to say hi too! I can't teach much on game making, but I'm pretty handy at C++ myself! I like to think that I know a few things about art, too, or at least techniques for it.

Well hey, there, pensyte! As you can see above, we've already got a team brewing, and we'd be glad to have you! ^w^ Especially if you're a decent artist; that's what we seem to be lacking(I have no pride in it, Rainbow isn't good at it xD ). You can find me on Skype at, "Solaic.Shadow", and Rainbow at "live:RainbowCemetary". Or you can E-Mail me, and we can set things up~

Right now, I think we're leaning towards something RPG-y. Although we really haven't hashed out anything fully yet....

I like to think I'm pretty good at art. I drew my avi, and I'm happy to show off other stuff

Well, add me on Skype if you have one; or E-Mail me at "solaiumbrae@gmail.com".