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I didn't manage to figure out how to help the turtle with his alien torture but I thought it was really a cool game! and whenever i would type the word 'escape' the screen would turn grey and wouldn't do anything else, so i might be getting close :) i was hoping it would be a subversion of typing games and i am very glad that i was right! thanks for making it!

so good and lovely im die

also thank u v much for The Making Of page, i am not v experienced in code yet and couldn't figure out what stuff to fiddle with for the colors lol but now i am emboldened !!! empowered!!!!!!! 

i played for both endings and it was gud. Thank u v much.

I like the little hints in the game you left for where to go next!

Super creepy! I definitely felt like I was drowning.

I'm wanting to play a bit in Construct2, to see how it works and this seems like a great opportunity. Thanks for reading!

I like to think I'm pretty good at art. I drew my avi, and I'm happy to show off other stuff

Hi Soliac, I've only made a couple of games (And not on anywhere available).
I'm happy to say hi too! I can't teach much on game making, but I'm pretty handy at C++ myself! I like to think that I know a few things about art, too, or at least techniques for it.

I never made a game before either! :)

I'm hoping to make a little quest searching for whoever is messing with your tree.

Been trying to look for inspiration for the jam, so I looked up a bunch of themes autumn has in itself. Some of these may be almost repetitions of the same thing with just a little tweak but oh well :)

(Odd enough, 'spiritual' or 'dream' meaning websites are good for the kind of abstract concept as 'autumn')

  1. recycling
  2. no need to take care of things, being rather than doing
  4. LETTING GO (burdens, doubts, grieving, and any emotions that limits your ability from moving on)
  6. old fading away, new not yet revealed
  7. Coming of the end
  8. approaching hibernation
  9. from hot to cooler
  10. harvest and leaves falling