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Hi Soliac, I've only made a couple of games (And not on anywhere available).
I'm happy to say hi too! I can't teach much on game making, but I'm pretty handy at C++ myself! I like to think that I know a few things about art, too, or at least techniques for it.

Well hey, there, pensyte! As you can see above, we've already got a team brewing, and we'd be glad to have you! ^w^ Especially if you're a decent artist; that's what we seem to be lacking(I have no pride in it, Rainbow isn't good at it xD ). You can find me on Skype at, "Solaic.Shadow", and Rainbow at "live:RainbowCemetary". Or you can E-Mail me, and we can set things up~

Right now, I think we're leaning towards something RPG-y. Although we really haven't hashed out anything fully yet....

I like to think I'm pretty good at art. I drew my avi, and I'm happy to show off other stuff

Well, add me on Skype if you have one; or E-Mail me at "solaiumbrae@gmail.com".