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The Rainbow Lounge

A topic by JustKay created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 157 Replies: 2
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Welcome one and all! The whole point of these Rainbow Jams is to build a community that encourages and helps each other to build games where there is a lack of them. Ones with representation of ourselves. So in light of wanting to build that community here is the place to talk with each other, post questions if you are stuck on something, or even just talk about how hyped you.

Been trying to look for inspiration for the jam, so I looked up a bunch of themes autumn has in itself. Some of these may be almost repetitions of the same thing with just a little tweak but oh well :)

(Odd enough, 'spiritual' or 'dream' meaning websites are good for the kind of abstract concept as 'autumn')

  1. recycling
  2. no need to take care of things, being rather than doing
  4. LETTING GO (burdens, doubts, grieving, and any emotions that limits your ability from moving on)
  6. old fading away, new not yet revealed
  7. Coming of the end
  8. approaching hibernation
  9. from hot to cooler
  10. harvest and leaves falling

Oooo~ letting go sounds like a fun one