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Thanks for the great feedback! Appreciate it!

That was spooky :D

Interesting idea.

Fun idea and the gfx looks nice!

Also I had no idea what I was doing :D

Good art and nice concept! The blurry thing hit quite early and makes it difficult to recover once you reach a certain level of insanity, because you can't see anything anymore.

After loosing a level the game crashed :(

Interesting concept! But it took me a while to figure out what the bullet is shooting for. Not where I point at, thats for sure.

Very cool! Also, why am I so bad at plattformer games? You're not supposed to die that often D:

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Wow best implementation of the theme so far, really like the idea!

The monsters could need some work tho, either they got stuck in a corner and were rotating around their own axis or they were stupidly op and killed me :(

The camera control is really awkward and sometimes the physics spergs out.

impressive work with the models tho. for such a short time there are some really good looking ones! Great work!

but then you can't eat any carrots :D

glad you enjoyed it!

when there was only one door and an alien blocked it for example.

Like the concept! Was a bit confused about what to do in the first level, but found out after a few tries.

Did you make all those art by yourself? Good work!

Really nice concept. Took me a few tries to figure out what was going on (also the menu is confusing, thought those were difficulty modes) but then I liked it.

Would've been better with some kind of goal/score or something that adds purpose tho. Nice work!

first I was like wtf is happening, after a few tries I understood the controls.

Simple enough, would love to see more original assets in the future.

Quite fun really!

Sometimes the shots dont follow the direction I point at and it seems to be more about vision and line of sight than "silence", but thats just semantics! :P

Good work!

Sometimes I got stuck but overall quite fun!

Good visuals and music! Simple gameplay (why not 3 or more tracks?)

also jump felt a bit too OP.

Good work!

What kind of keyboard has Q and D not awkwardly positioned in a diagonal line xD thats really weird but managable.

I also only caught the first spirit, but couldnt get up in the level to catch the other ones. Am I retarded?

Hope you enjoy the game!

Leave a comment and tell us what you think, its our first gamejam and every feedback is welcome!

This is real fun, but why are the mouse controls inverted? :x

Really fun concept. too hard to see when you have control over a fish tho

The oxygen depletes in under one second. don't think thats intentional. uplayable sadly :(