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Thanks, I plan to implement some other mechanic for the player to do while not needing to heal anyone.

I intend to develop the game better, thank you!

Thanx for the feedback! :D

Thanx a lot! :D hehe

Thanx for the feddback! :)

Thanks, I had little time during the Jam to work on the mechanics, but I intend to put something more dynamic so I don't get so stuck.

Thanx for the feedback! :D

Good mechanical idea, but takes a while to get fun. Camera movement seems a bit choppy at times, but it has a lot of potential, good job! :)

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to explore the mechanics better with more time later.

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I loved the game, I really like this simpler graphic style. Mechanics generate tension and challenge in the right measure. Good job! A browser version would make it even more accessible. :)

Simple concept and very fun, congratulations on the good work!

I loved the interface and the graphic style. I got a little lost in the controls but I still had fun, good job!

Thanx! :D

Very funny and challenging. I liked that, despite being inside a body, it doesn't have a "disgusting" aesthetic, hehe. Good job!

Thank you, I intend to refine the idea a little more, put a story in the game and stuff like that.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll work more on the concept when I have more time. :)

Thanks for the feedback, I love the coin idea, maybe I'll implement it later. :)

Thanks for the feedback, hope to be able to work out the mechanics better later.

Thank you very much, I had little time to create the mechanics but I plan to explore this idea better in the future.

Thanks for the feedback. I think about exploring the mechanics better with more time, I think it can make things more fun and challenging.

Thanx! :)

Thank you, I still want to refine and explore the idea further.

Thanx a lot! :)

Thanx! :)

I almost didn't post the game because I couldn't refine the mechanics better as I'd like to, but in the end I ended up posting it anyway, hahaha. Thanks a lot for the feedback. :)

Thanx a lot! :D

Thank you very much, I unfortunately didn't have time to develop and refine the mechanics, but I decided to jam the game anyway. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback! :)

Muito obrigado! :)

Thanx for the feedback! :)

Thanks for the ideas! :D

Thanx a lot! :)

Thank you so much! :D

I'm glad you liked it, thanx! :D

Thanx! :D

Thanx a lot! :

I'm glad you liked it, thanx! :D

Thanx! I did everything in a month, during gamejam

Thanx! :D

I'm glad you liked it! :D

I'm glad you liked it, thanx for playing! :D