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Hope you enjoy it when you do play it! It was made in Unity.

We're glad you're enjoying the game! While we appreciate the feedback, there are unfortunately no further plans to add any major updates to Crazy Cauldron.

Thank you! Yeah, you're absolutely welcome to post a video of it on youtube.

We're glad you enjoyed it! We appreciate the suggestion, and understand that it would make comparing scores a little easier, but we likely won't make any changes to the font to avoid causing other formatting issues.

Thank you for pointing this out! We'll look into it right away.

That ain't a bad idea! Why not submit it to our Customer Creation Contest (no art required) if you want a chance to see it in game

That is definitely a pickle, which internet browser are you running the game on?

We're glad you enjoyed all the customers! The glitch effect was actually animated by hand.

What device are you using?

Thanks 😊 stay tuned, definitely more to come in the future!

Thanks! should be working now

Thanks for letting us know! We'll look into it, but in the meantime trying a different browser will hopefully get it to work for you. Appreciate the feedback.

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I just published my game today, and something I noticed is that it has a border around it that I would like to get rid of (the light purple border in the image below)

This is made in Unity with a resolution of 960 x 540 built using WebGL. On I set the resolution to 980 x 560 because at 960 x 540 there is still a border, just on the top and right sides of the game window. I've seen other HTML games that don't have this issue and I am not sure how to fix it.

My second issue is that on mobile, the game window is way too big so most of it is cut off:

Is there a way to make the game rotate to fit on the screen/be fullscreen on mobile so that all of it is visible?

Yeah it shouldn't be a problem, go for it! Just make sure to credit the game in your video

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. I spent a ton of time on the day/night transition so it's good to know that it paid off :) The feedback is super helpful!

This is such a cute game! The fishing mechanic was a little challenging to understand at first, but once I got the hang of it it was really fun going around and trying to find all different kinds of fish.

We really appreciate the feedback! Unfortunately, the lack of background music is largely due to the constraints of the Nokia being monophonic. If we had a background track, it would be constantly interrupted by the player and enemy firing, so the musicality of the cutscenes was our way to reconcile with that fact. If we decide to break the Nokia limitations in a post-jam update though, we’ll definitely add some music throughout. Thanks for playing! 

This game definitely does a lot with a little. The animation at the start and the premise are what really give this game character and sell it for me. The actual gameplay is very true to the nokia theme but is pretty simple didn't keep me engaged for long. Maybe some more variety or twists would be nice. Either way great job!

The stepping mechanic is very bizarre but you executed it really well, and it starts to feel pretty fun once you get a feel for it. Also loved the look of the game through and through, especially the main character's design and animations. Keep stepping!

Despite the title, I was still surprised at how tiny the necromancer really was. Very tiny!

This is a very unique idea, and it definitely took a while to get used to, but once I figured it out it was pretty fun to navigate the levels. Nice work!

The game looks awesome, you used 3D really well despite the graphical restrictions. Also really like the cover art, it's so simple and yet conveys the eerie tone of the game super well. Excellent stuff!

I’m chuckling now too, but its a chuckle of gratuity. Thanks for playing!

Really liked this game! Love the spacecraft theme, and how the animations show a bit of thrust vectoring with the engines.

Thanks, We're glad you enjoyed it! On a totally unrelated note, I was very intrigued by your profile "picture", and I have to say Blue Bayou is a great game! Anyone reading this should definitely check it out, as well your game for this jam, which is equally as delightful.

This was a really creative idea, and the polish with the different death animations was top notch!

I like the unique take on maze navigation, and the music added to the fast paced tension of it all. The biggest challenge was finding out what each "enemy" did, which was mostly done by trial and error, but I imagine that might have been by design. Good work!

The dark enemies are actually not invulnerable, they take two hits to kill, but we definitely understand if its hard to do because of how fast they move. That's really useful feedback, and we'll keep that in mind for the post-jam update. Thank you!

Oh. very thank you!

Gee thanks!

This is a really strong submission. The art and environments are super polished and very well made, and the gameplay was solid and entertaining until the end. Didn't end up using the time stopping ability too often though, but there ain't necessarily anything wrong with that.

This has got to be the most fun morse code simulator I've ever done laid eyes on. I also love the general's design and the look of the game in general!

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This was a very weird experience through and through, but in a very good way. Nice!

Great gameplay and excellent artwork. Everything was so polished and pleasant to look at, especially the effect of the blocks breaking. Also the characters are super cute, great job!

It's a pretty dang good horror game for the Nokia restrictions, awesome job! Would have liked to see a little more variation between walls in each level because it was a little easy to get disoriented, but I still had fun navigating around. 

This was a really cool submission, and a clever idea. Really enjoyed the art/animations too!

Really great game! The writing was top tier, and I thought that the health also switching as you switched dimensions was a really unique idea that I don't think I've seen before. Woulda loved to have a little bit of audio to wrap everything up nicely together, but otherwise this game certainly doesn't lack content. Sweet stuff!

Dang dude, I don't even know what to say. You're a real one. Also if anyone reading this hasn't tried out Left Among Dead in Space for some crazy reason you definitely gotta! Our team enjoyed it a lot.

This was such a delightful romp! I really enjoyed the look of it all, especially the addition of 2D for the gun. Also seriously appreciated you putting lines one the walls because it gave me a much better sense of where I was spatially, which can be tough given the graphical/color limitations. Splendid game!

fantastic little game! i like how it takes inspiration from rage games like jump king but the brevity of the game makes it more of a serene experience. smart to have the player start out in a little hole so they learn how to jump. 

i thought the ending was a bug so i played it again to be sure. in the end i like the lack of finality. the fog section kind of hurt my eyes. is the player supposed to be a grouse?