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I really like this idea, and I could see that there was a nice, deeper message you guys wanted to share. I definitely needed a bit more team to read all the text and at some points it sounded like multiple music tracks were overlapping with each other, but otherwise its a really creative submission. Nice work!

This is a really great game, and the visuals and gameplay were super polished. Definitely felt that sometimes the enemies would gang up on me a little too much, but usually with a few lucky rolls I could get out of the situation.

Aw man I love this. The overall look is great, but the character designs and all the faces on the main dice are awesome.

This rules! It's got a ton of personality and a great style. Feels like a complete game, could definitely picture a Jimmy Blitz trilogy after this. Excellent job programming this one!

The art and presentation were a treat for sure, but I wish there would have been a little more depth to the combat as I found myself just spamming all my coins each turn and just seeing what happened. Some sort of resource system could definitely give this the little something extra it needs. Great job!

This is really cute, spent a  lotta time customizing my little dice creature. Can't wait to take it with me to challenge the elite four!

High praise indeed

The art for this is really cute but I can't help but think that I was actually the bad guy all along...

Wow this is awesome. It has such a nice vibe and style to it. Nice work!

Loved the character designs and art for this. I think it would benefit from speeding up the dice rolling section as I mostly found myself just waiting for the dice to settle. Great idea though, I'd love to see where it could go.

Really enjoyed the visuals on this one. The controls were simple to figure out and pick up, I only wish it would register inputs a little quicker.

Hot dog this game is juicy as hell! The main number adding mechanic was a little tough to get the hang of, but I had a lot of fun with this entry nonetheless.

It can be pretty challenging to keep track of your ever changing rolls as you try to avoid the evil dice, but its a cool concept and its programmed really well!

I like the artwork a lot and the dice throwing mechanic is very satisfying. The music sets a nice mood too but I wish it would have been a bit longer since it gets really repetitive. This is pretty cool!

I do like chimps quite a bit but on my browser the text was really small for some reason so it was pretty hard to read. Great concept though!

Really enjoy the art style and the theme. I think it could have benefited from being a little bit faster paced but it was still a fun game.

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This game is unlike other game. This game is its own game. Special. Singular. Unique... 5 stars all around

This was awesome, played this with my little brother. I won every game because he is only 2 years old and doesn't understand dice. It felt very fun planning ways to defeat him faster every time. Feel like I learned a lot about dice today. 

I really enjoyed this. Always down for a fishing game, and the dice rolling and sound effects were super satisfying. Great job!

Could have used some instructions at the start, but once I understood what was going on I found it really clever and it required a good bit of strategy. Keep on rolling!

Nice game! Really liked the death animation of the enemies, very satisfying.

I really liked the aesthetic of this one. While the gameplay might have been simple, it was compelling enough to keep me trying again.

This rules! Really enjoyed all the enemies and dice abilities. Very well programmed!

This is really well programmed. Well done!

Brand new indeed! Good thanks and you FlashKat_25? 

This game is hilarious, I love the detail put into making the animals squash and stretch hahah

Hope you enjoy it when you do play it! It was made in Unity.

We're glad you're enjoying the game! While we appreciate the feedback, there are unfortunately no further plans to add any major updates to Crazy Cauldron.

Thank you! Yeah, you're absolutely welcome to post a video of it on youtube.

We're glad you enjoyed it! We appreciate the suggestion, and understand that it would make comparing scores a little easier, but we likely won't make any changes to the font to avoid causing other formatting issues.

Thank you for pointing this out! We'll look into it right away.

That ain't a bad idea! Why not submit it to our Customer Creation Contest (no art required) if you want a chance to see it in game

That is definitely a pickle, which internet browser are you running the game on?

We're glad you enjoyed all the customers! The glitch effect was actually animated by hand.

What device are you using?

Thanks 😊 stay tuned, definitely more to come in the future!

Thanks! should be working now

Thanks for letting us know! We'll look into it, but in the meantime trying a different browser will hopefully get it to work for you. Appreciate the feedback.

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I just published my game today, and something I noticed is that it has a border around it that I would like to get rid of (the light purple border in the image below)

This is made in Unity with a resolution of 960 x 540 built using WebGL. On I set the resolution to 980 x 560 because at 960 x 540 there is still a border, just on the top and right sides of the game window. I've seen other HTML games that don't have this issue and I am not sure how to fix it.

My second issue is that on mobile, the game window is way too big so most of it is cut off:

Is there a way to make the game rotate to fit on the screen/be fullscreen on mobile so that all of it is visible?

Yeah it shouldn't be a problem, go for it! Just make sure to credit the game in your video