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this is one of the best and most unique puzzle games ive ever played. the game kept me hooked through the whole thing

Godot most likely

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its basically a more sophisticated text to speech

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ive worked with 2-color color palettes for a while. but im still not that used to it. art took the most time out of everything else for this game. glad that was worth it.

also, the scene transitions was actually at first, a side effect of the shader i used to limit the colors. it looked cool so i kept it.

TYSM, i try my best to do all the wildcards for these jams. luckily i was able to come up with a short story this time.

really fun gameloop. i could probably play a full release game like this.

tysm for the feedback. also yea i was going for a very minimalistic approach. in fact, i have a shader in that game that forces everything to be just 4 colors. also, i guess making my own assets this time paid off.

This game is really neat. has a nice gameplay loop and feels like a complete finished polished project. the graphics went very well with this game. tho, it did take me a bit to get used to projectiles aimed from the player coming from the well.

tysm for playing and also for the feedback. also, its quite odd that it gets stuck on the transition. i played the web version myself and was able to complete the game. maybe its an issue with the browser?

i also do wish i could have added a bit more but sadly the deadline arived

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only other solution is to compile the engine from source code yourself. there is no other way around it. the executable will always be the same size, if you use the export templates. judging by your difficulty with existing file sizes, i think compiling the engine will be far more difficult. so you might be stuck with this. however, you could, reduce upload size a couple of ways. firstly, you could use “ butler”. this program can automate uplaoding games to butler will, in its first use, upload the full executable and the pck file. but for every other use, only the pck file will be uploaded. because that program only uploads files that have changed. secondly, you could try this website

this website allows you to just upload the .pck file only and runs the game.

the .pck is actually the whole project. the executable is just the godot runtime. it is unaffected by whatever your project is. if the friend also has godot export templates, he can use that to open the .pck file by giving the file and the exectuable the same name

when i exited the game, went back to level select and selected level 6, the level refused to load. it gets suck in the loading screen

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is it just me or is level 6 broken?

good game otherwise tho. it’s rare i come across a puzzle game that’s really unique

could i please get a linux export? godot exports should be easy enough

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i worked on this for day 4.

changed a few stuff and i ended up breaking the pause menu. everything else works fine tho. also cool shaders go brrr

i tired changing too many things and sort of broke the game…..


the pawns are a bit weird but other than that, this is a pretty cool looking chess piece design

Pls release for Linux

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Remain a pure notepad user

took way too long to finish level 10 but it was fun all the way

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oh hey that’s me

edit: just finished playing

pretty interesting game

I even managed to beat the dev

That one did take a long time to beat

the only thing that seems to be missing from the game is sound. the game could also do better with a more polished ui

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Thanks for the critical feedback!

Making music is not my strong point so I can see why the music was annoying. I got annoyed by it after some time as well. Also as for the cool-down, there actually isn’t a “cool-down”. So long as the dice has run out of bullets and its touching a surface, you can roll. I guess the issue is that the dice has bounce which makes it lose contact with the surface a bit. I’ll add some jump input buffers or something and that’ll hopefully be fixed.

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tysm. ill keep working on this game after the jam if i have time so keep a look out for that

will we ever get a linux export?

id suggest adding faint shadows to make the walls slightly visible godot’s light occluder and emitter should be enough to do that


pls make linux export ;-;

any chance we’d get a linux export?

thnx so much for the feedback

also ofc id make a linux build
my entire game dev setup is on linux afterall


first time creating characters this way (animating individual parts of a pixel character inisde godot)

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made 35 coffees and 25 fixes

not sure how accurate to real life this game is since i never owned a coffee machine

but ill trust you and your little wrenchy


i got the ball stuck once tho

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godolf lmao



already working on the rest of the story
my brand new laptop

ill keep updating the game after voting ends

oh and uh...
ive got some more suggestions that could improve the game

- make the platform icons have one way collision

- make it so that holding jump button keeps you jumping each time you hit the floor

- and most importantly, change the button for dash. its currently at shift, which is a bit unintuitive. especially when using WASD. make the trigger to be right mouse button cause then itll be a lot more convenient

-also...... add an 'are you sure you want to restart' popup. ive accidentally went back to the first level twice. i gave up after that

if youve got time after the jam, add these

theyll improve the game a lot

man is obviously the best machine

banana inside the machine
thats why came to my mind when i sabotaged the pc

pretty neat game

well it does have a few bugs (i glitched through the floor)

but its still pretty neat

i was wondering how to beat that guy
i guess you cant