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It's here now https://qualifiedbadger.itch.i...

OK here it is XD https://qualifiedbadger.itch.i...

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Hehe here's part 2 if you want it XD https://qualifiedbadger.itch.i...

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This was really funny! I got all the endings, and they were all great. The concept of simplifying running the country into yes/no decisions was great, and all the different ways everything escalated was funny and inventive. Overall I really enjoyed it. Great work!

This is a really great game! The atmosphere is really creepy and tense. And the game's image (The Emergency Response System warning) is one of the best I've seen - intriguing yet foreboding at the same time!

Interesting idea, and pulled off really well! I liked seeing all the suggestions above each map, to see how it was implemented - overall a very meta experience! Very unique!

A cool game! And made in only 48 hours! Yeah, I wish there was more interactivity, but I guess that's a sign of getting really drawn into a game. The top-down style was really interesting and different, it was fun!

Really creepy, and really well-done. It sucks you straight in and keeps you wanting to know more throughout... The balance between the mundane and the unnatural really gives it an unnerving effect that stays with you long after finishing it. I was super-creeped out!

An interesting story with really detailed world-building. A shame it's not playable in a game - have you thought of putting it into Twine? It should be a good fit as it can do lots of text and branching choices.

The writing in this game is REALLY good, really rhythmical and poetic. Every sentence dragged me further in. Although I laughed when I realized what a lagomorph was, as it sounds a lot worse... In fact the entire story seems to make regular, mundane things sound like a surreal, suffocating nightmare. Great job!

I really enjoyed this! Trying to figure out how to get to the destination was great fun and really got me paying attention to everything in the world. All the station announcements made me laugh... Definitely been there before, haha!

A cool premise, with a nice amount of endings! The writing is direct and succinct, which really adds to the impact. It left a tantalizing amount to the imagination... I really enjoyed it!

Really polished effects in this - it was like playing the intro titles to a Hitchcock movie! Very cinematic effects. And I love the upbeat mood and music despite the dark and intriguing storyline... Real good!

I played this a couple of days ago, and I'm still thinking about it. A very memorable game, dealing sensitively with a very difficult subject...

Awesome sound effects! The unusual graphical style really suited the storyline. A unique, interesting atmosphere and setting. Good job!

Er... OK. That was unexpected! The sprites and backgrounds were full of colour and really imaginative! A nice backdrop to the... um, interesting story.

Short but cute. Shame it ended so early - I was interested to see where it would go next!

Wow, this was a long game! My playtime at the final save point was 1 hour 5 minutes - including going back to get another ending it took about 70-80 minutes in total. However, the extended playtime really made way for a great story! I'm normally bored with the lore in most RPG's, but this game's really intrigued me and drew me in. The level of polish on the game was amazing the whole way through, and the storytelling was just masterful. I think no matter what ending you get, you'll be left with very strong feelings at the end...

That was fun! Good characters in an interesting sci-fi setting, and I liked everyone straight away. I was surprised how moved I was at the end... Great work!

A dark story with a unique atmosphere, really entrancing! I'm pretty amazed by the amount of work put into this... And it was all done by one person? Wow...

Nice artwork! I liked the 'dark fairytale' feel of this game - there were some very difficult choices to make in it!

Wow, spectacular work on the graphics, sounds and world-building! The play mechanic was pretty interesting, and kept me coming back to discover all the secrets. Really good job!

This is a really polished game - the graphics and sounds really create an intriguing mood and atmosphere, it must've taken a lot of time to get it right. The characters are interesting, there are some nice choices to make, and overall I really enjoyed the storyline!

This game really nails a foreboding and suffocating atmosphere... Mitrovica really felt like a real place yet a nightmare at the same time - not an easy feat, so well done. And that evil laugh will haunt me for a long time...

Another super-creepy game! I really liked the choices in this game. And that point made it even creepier! The atmosphere felt suffocating and oppressive, and the bright green text and glitch effects of the screen really added to this. Good work!

An interesting story that keeps you wondering what's going on until the end. The battle mechanics were really interesting, but also very balanced - you obviously put a lot of time into them. I really liked this game - lots of nice little moments and surprises throughout.

Wow... really moving, and not at all what I was expecting. Not much I can say about it, but definitely recommended.

Wow, such catchy music! And cool graphics. Probably the most 'gamey' game I've played so far in the jam. Finally came out with some profit on my last playthrough, yay! The story in the bottom-left corner is bizarre and funny. Overall, this is great fun!

A soothing, melancholic experience. The music matched the mood perfectly. Yet another game which I can't describe in words, yet affected me deeply. Well done.

This is a really neat concept, and I enjoyed it all the way through! The pacing was great, I was always excited to explore each new area. Something about the minimalist design and mellow music created a nice atmosphere for the game - I really liked it!

Ooh, a 2-player game! That's a really interesting idea. I tried to play this on my own, but it was way too hard for me - I could only ever get 1 note before dying. I might have to come back and play again after I find a 2nd person to play with, but the story I was unlocking seemed pretty interesting nonetheless.

Cute story! I liked all the references to the original Alice story, but also how it ended up so differently. Good job with the mistaken identity sub-plot too - that seemed difficult to write but you kept it interesting all the way through.

Wow... That was super-creepy. The lo-fi sound and glitchy effects all added up to some really powerful storytelling. Great job!

Err... Cannot think of any words to describe this experience. Which is definitely a compliment! I liked it despite regretting it completely.

A nice story! I especially like how it was all tied together at the end. And some of the interviews with the patients really made me laugh!