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You awaken from the crash in a strange place. You seem to have lost track of yourself.
Submitted by supercomputer276 (@sc276) with 23 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline

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Speaking of optimism/pessimism, that challenge was never very satisfactory. It's not easy thinking of a challenge that could be solved one way with optimism, and another way with pessimism. The logic was since the moving block course was fairly difficult, the player would need to be optimistic to keep trying until they prevail. Taking the shortcut, then, would suggest the player doesn't have that faith in themselves, and so would be pessimistic.



@Tophat_Haze: I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the experience so much. There are certainly several parts where I could have been just a little clearer.

The sound's not a metaphor; that is an actual car crash. I think you looked at the beginning a little too close.

I regret having the student say that. Like Neo said, it was to demonstrate how some aspects are mutually exclusive (even if it ended up only demonstrating the optimism/pessimism choice). The Internet comment was just a joke that I probably should have kept to myself.



@Jupiter_Hadley: >interact with car

Knowing that, I hope you try again and see it through to the end. Regardless, thanks for trying it out!


The traits are interesting, but I found it hilarious that I will be curious, courageous, and pessimistic. The pessimistic part could've been phrased better-- after all, choosing an easier path isn't exactly pessimistic. How about "laid back", or something like that?

Finally, the various settings of the game don't really make sense. Why would a baby know a thing about school, or caves with dragons, or a mountain with a dude in a parka?

Overall, the game is decent, but the reveal makes the game very, very...odd. It makes it less annoying-- this really does seems to be about gender identity until the ending, like Norbez said, and it does seem to be hitting you over the head iwth that message for a while-- though it doesn't really make it better. Overall, I didn't really like the game.




Ok, I can see what you were trying to do here; I really can. However, it doesn't really work. For one, if you're a baby, you'd already have "humanity", so picking it up makes no sense-- just because you're in the womb and don't look human yet doesn't mean you're not human. For another, what's with the crash at the beginning? What in the world does it represent? I can't figure out what it's supposed to mean at all-- unless the crash is a metaphor for having sex, but still, why would it be a crash? This also makes the key very strange, because if the car crash is a metaphor for sex, what does the key mean? (The part with the key is also really, really annoying--the only reason I figured out the key was in the car is because it's the only object that can be interacted with.)


I like the concept, though I have no idea where that key is... I included it in part 1 of my WAG Challenge compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)


This is a really neat concept, and I enjoyed it all the way through! The pacing was great, I was always excited to explore each new area. Something about the minimalist design and mellow music created a nice atmosphere for the game - I really liked it!

As the other half of this project's developmental team, I feel it necessary to respond to Norbez.

Quite bluntly, there is no message about gender identity, except maybe one suggesting Social Justice Warriors lay off a bit. Picking your sex is just part of pulling yourself together. It's a tutorial to show how some aspects are mutually exclusive. Stop reading into it so much.

The game is 20-30 minutes long. The 'creepy' or 'loudly speaking' things you mention all come down to the big reveal at the end. It ties everything together.

I like the minimalist graphics, too. However, I feel some levels were not well designed. Like in the school, where the L to R hallway on the top it meaningless. I have no reason to traverse up there, but did to see if there was something I was missing. But nothing. The maze, too, had some parts like this. Overall, I think you can attribute this to the speed, though.

(btw, also in this jam, with the game Literate. Check it out? Feedback is always welcome.)

Trying to figure out that "ASP ECT" on the top-right meant, I pressed Escape and quit the game by accident. And then found out this has no autosave. So, yeah.

I thought this was alright so far (after I got outside the school, I went to the mountains to find that guy's flamethrower). This game is actually pretty expansive; clearly, you guys put a lot of content. Honestly, the speed kills it for me; it is barely tolerable to play with that speed, especially in the flamethrower maze sections. I'm still confused at your gender message too, and wonder about its overall purpose in the game.

And if you were a human in a car crash, why do you need to collect aspects of humanity? All I can assume is that I was not a human being who got into a car crash, but an enigma who imagined a car crash. Or heck, maybe this whole game is a fever dream that the car crash victim is having. I dunno.

Huh.This is a weird mashup of a text-based game and top-down adventure game. It's interesting.

My main problem is how slow you move, especially in large areas. It's like a crawl.

Picking up humanity is really creepy. Really. Creepy.

It took me a while to realize you've decided to comment on gender identity. Okay, but it doesn't really make sense within the setting of the game. Getting in a car crash, then getting in a school--alright, crazy things happen.

But picking up the genderless body was enough; you don't have to hit me over the head with the message with the hall monitor & student. And then with the bathroom (which I didn't realize was choosing my gender)! It turns the game from "purposefully creepy" to "speaks loudly with a big stick". It comes off unnecessarily strong--and why? What exactly is your message here?