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Speaking of optimism/pessimism, that challenge was never very satisfactory. It's not easy thinking of a challenge that could be solved one way with optimism, and another way with pessimism. The logic was since the moving block course was fairly difficult, the player would need to be optimistic to keep trying until they prevail. Taking the shortcut, then, would suggest the player doesn't have that faith in themselves, and so would be pessimistic.


@Tophat_Haze: I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the experience so much. There are certainly several parts where I could have been just a little clearer.

The sound's not a metaphor; that is an actual car crash. I think you looked at the beginning a little too close.

I regret having the student say that. Like Neo said, it was to demonstrate how some aspects are mutually exclusive (even if it ended up only demonstrating the optimism/pessimism choice). The Internet comment was just a joke that I probably should have kept to myself.


@Jupiter_Hadley: >interact with car

Knowing that, I hope you try again and see it through to the end. Regardless, thanks for trying it out!