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If you just stick the tag "# CLEAR" at the start of the next section, that should do the trick :) Happy to try and help more, or inkle's official discord also has some channels for people working with ink

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Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Nice, yeah Ink is a great tool, I had a lot of fun learning it for this game jam :) Definitely check out other inkJam entries too, there's a lot of great stuff!

I was so excited to get this release notification, and it did not disappoint!

Thank you for playing!

Oh boy, I'm glad you made it out of that library alive! Thanks so much for playing :)

Hahah, thanks for playing! 

Thank you for playing, I'm so glad to hear you liked it! I'm definitely hoping to find the time to make another game experimenting with this mechanic

I loved this! Knowing there were all the different achievements and endings made it really replayable, and every character and interaction was entertaining and genuine. I had a lot of fun!

This was a fun game for someone who loves The Mummy and Indiana Jones films (who wouldn't want to play as Rachel Weisz?) I wonder how many of the possible ways to die I discovered... Nicely formatted as well, and I'm curious to know what the hieroglyphs meant!

This was fun! Really nice idea for a quick jam game.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! Yes, I agree the parser wasn't as flexible with MATCH and LOOK UP as I would have liked - my implementation was pretty rough and hacky, thanks to me writing pretty much all of this the day before the deadline whoops (that did help me get into the protagonist's mindset though!) I'd love to come back another day and make a longer and more robust game using the mechanic.


It should run in browser! I've been able to test in Chrome, Firefox and on mobile Safari. Let me know if you're running into issues though :) 

No violence at all! Just navigating around the Underground and chatting with people.

Thanks for playing, that's awesome to hear! I'd definitely love to come back to it and flesh out alternate endings even more.

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Cool concept, and impressively complex for a weekend jam! Played it a couple of times and I'm still curious to see how much there still is I haven't seen. Really nice job!

Thanks for playing :) Yeah I had to rush the the storyline a little more than I'd ideally have done it, so I totally agree with you there!

The snappy and dialogue-heavy writing worked really well here, and the creepy build up was done very nicely! 

Vivid writing, and clever use of the theme!

Yeah, I'd definitely be interested to see this developed further if you decide to come back to it!

Followed BabelFishWars' lead and also tried a couple different routes via incognito mode haha. Nice idea, and well executed!

Really liked the setting and atmosphere of this! Even with a mostly linear story, the choices added a lot in terms of making me feel immersed as the character, and the writing does a great job of dropping small but effective hints about the world.

The art is lovely! I was confused at first as to who was speaking (reading the comment that the player character is unseen cleared that up), but other than that this was a very intriguing and well-executed tale. Really nice job putting this together in a weekend!

Thank you, that's awesome to hear! I definitely would have fleshed things out more in a bigger time frame, so we'll see if I get around to doing that in future :)

Thanks for playing!

Really enjoyed this! The concept immediately got my attention, and the music added a lot to the atmosphere. Awesome stuff!

Thank you for playing! Haha, I’m glad the time I spent picking out fonts paid off!

Thanks for playing!

Wow, this was amazing! I love anything with a time loop, and the story and design of this are both fantastic. Thank you for making this, definitely one of my favourite things I've found in the bundle so far. This is going to stick around in my memory for a while!

A simple idea that's really well executed! It looks and feels great.

Cool concept, and nice music too! I agree that more UI to show the numbers of different monsters would have been helpful though.

Simple but fun! Would be cool to see more gameplay progression as time goes on, and something to make it clearer how the theme comes in.

Music is great, and the graphics style is lovely. Really like this!

Thank you for playing, it’s so great to hear you enjoyed it :) Now that you say it, I feel like a geocaching game would be fun to make some day!

Thanks for playing!

Cool concept, and some nice animations! The slidiness of the movement was a little frustrating at times though, not sure whether that was the intention!

Oh no, I can do some investigating! Are you able to try a different browser? I’ve tested in Chrome and Firefox on macOS and Windows 10 64 bit, and mobile Safari. 

There are also local interpreter programs you can download for free to play the .gblorb file, anything that runs Glulx files should do the trick:

Nice, I enjoyed this! Fits the theme perfectly.