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Thanks for the feedback! It appears to have multiple answers in this case. I will look into it this weekend. :)

Thank you. :)

The way I generate random levels was creating a solved level and then take out some marks. The only thing I concern was multiple answers. If you found anything strange just let me know!

Oops, you’re right! It’s not solvable in this state. I will fix that and verify all other levels when I got home! Sorry for the inconvenience.

I saw any furry-related stuff then I had to try it. 😂

BTW is there a way to adjust volume of music or audio?

Thank you for your detailed review. I think I put too much time on the graphic this time, otherwise there would be more gameplay. xD

The game is good and scary! Aside from a few problems this is one of good games in this jam!

BTW this video may help with your typewriter effect with your colored dialogues if you use TextMeshPro!

I love it! Simple and fun with a story-line! Slap that ba– Wait wrong Youtuber. xD

Thanks! I’m glad you like my game! :D

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Thanks for such detailed review! I agree that people should hold the paper once they had it. :D

Thank you! I’m glad you find my art cute. xD

Thank you!

Thanks! Only a few stats like Satisfied people and Satisfied hoarder, when hoarder is most ineffective way to get score.

Challenging! The gameplay just on right spot which has enough replay value.

Love it! Can't believe you guys finished a game that feels complete in five days.

Thank you. :)

Thanks! I was planning for more like setting up boxes of toilet papers but time was up. :p 

Thanks! :D


Glad you like it!

Thanks! I want to add more features but time is limited. xD

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Thanks! I drew them. I thought I could add more gameplay after drawing but I was out of time. xD

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Not only the gameplay but their dialogues is funny too. I just had to play several time to watch all these dialogues. 10/10 xD

Nice! A bit confused at first but I feel satisfied when collecting Moxies. xD

Sorry about that. I thought I could get away with Web version but apparently not. My web cache have deceived me during my test. 

Anyway I have updated and fixed it. Thanks again. :)

Hi! I fixed the bug. You can try again if you're still interested. Thank you again! :)

You can try web version too if you don't want to download:

I'm sorry that the demo doesn't work for you. It seems possible that the game couldn't detect the system language at some point. 

If you'd like to help me, could you send your Player.log to me at The log file is located in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Puetsua\Hexdoku . Thank you.

Love the recursion concept! (Which can be a nightmare for a programmer too.) The shape sizing part reminds me of a few Superliminal levels. My only complain is the control which landing point is a bit unpredictable.

Also if you don't mind I found a bug in level 12 where square will unreasonably duplicate itself. XD

Game link:

Hello everyone! I'm creating a game called Hexdoku! It's a sudoku-like, puzzle game with hexagons. Player must fill the grid with different shapes and ensure each directions and area contains only unique shapes.

I also planned to add these features in future:

  • New rules and new modes.
  • More levels and levels for each new modes.
  • Design your own puzzle and share with people.

The game will remain free until it is released on Steam.  Also I really need some feedbacks!

Hope you enjoy the game!

Unfortunately this game genre is always suffered from these cheaters on random online games. Just find a random Discord server and gather a bunch of trusted people. The game would be much more enjoyable.

I love the concept, but it could be much much more better if it is polished.

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v0.0.3: Fixed a few UI issues and added hint boxes to show the purpose of buttons.