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Formation 7 is unsolvable. I fixed it on Steam but I didn’t update the demo.

Formation 9 is okay.

Very well made! If you polish it more and put on Steam I probably will buy it!

Good to know! It was much harder before. :p

Thanks! It was not intended at first but I think the result is good. lol

Yeah, I nerf’d rocket launch when I’m making this game. I think it was too easy to abuse it which player might stop spinning their rocket on the ground. :p

No prob! Glad you like it!

Haha yes. And it was too easy to make the level too difficult. lol.

Thanks. I always try my best to fit the theme. XD

The control is smooth. Always good to see another person trying Godot. I’m still looking for the time to try its 3D feature. :p

Neat! The game was well executed. And I didn’t expect a leaderboard!

Love it! Took me sometime to figure out what to do first. It’d be better if there is a recipe to tell player how to cook and serve.

I also fall through the floor. :<

It’s always a good idea to test it again on the build since gameplay on editor is not necessary the same as the build.

Simple idea and responsive visual! It’s challenging to get higher than 15 points for me. ^^;

Love the game! I had a laugh when I missed to catch a crew in last level. xD

Well made game! The reloading concept is neat. Also I don’t think it’s often to see a game jam game to include tutorials.

Love the idea of using light to activate buildings!

A little bit hard for me but it was fun!

Thanks! :D

Oof, it seems I missed a spot that would potentially get your rocket stuck. Unity physics is still a mystery to me. ^^;

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Nice game! Love the idea that you can change to status in the game.

I wish there was a clearer hint about the camera. I was stuck on the first level trying to figure out what was happening. ._.; (I was playing on windows v1.3)

No worries. That’s okay. :)

Thanks! It’s hard to have other software or website to interact with the game tbh. This is the one I found that is very easy to implement.

Thanks! And yeah, that’s one thing I didn’t have enough time to implement some indicators to guide player.


Thanks! I thought it’s better when there are a few simple tasks to show how annoying they are. :p

That’s a plot hole I want to figure out too. lol

Yeah! That’s what I had in mind when I found this mechanic for this game. It’s also a simple hack to break some software in trial back in the day.

I like this kind of game! Physics is fascinating.

Short and cute game! This reminded me of distracted boyfriend meme. xD

Thanks for the feedback! I wish I have more time to polish graphic, including the highlight of machines. I need to get better at time management.

A+ for first time. XD I like the art and dialogues! It’s almost like a completed game. Good work!

I always love puzzle game like this. Good work!


Love it! tbh this took me a while to learn since I never tried an audio game before. Now I learned another way to create a game! Very interesting!

Oh well, I guess curiosity killed me. xD

Simple and fun!

Thanks for the feedback! It appears to have multiple answers in this case. I will look into it this weekend. :)

Thank you. :)

The way I generate random levels was creating a solved level and then take out some marks. The only thing I concern was multiple answers. If you found anything strange just let me know!

Oops, you’re right! It’s not solvable in this state. I will fix that and verify all other levels when I got home! Sorry for the inconvenience.

I saw any furry-related stuff then I had to try it. 😂

BTW is there a way to adjust volume of music or audio?

Thank you for your detailed review. I think I put too much time on the graphic this time, otherwise there would be more gameplay. xD