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Thank you!

Thank you!

Very chill puzzle, excelent use of external assets!

I found that the rules of the puzzle are not at all clear, thusly making the problem about figuring out what the game wants you to solve rather than solving. I do like the art and sound a lot, very streamlined and satisfying.

Great job! I found the controls a little confusing, since walking into a potion automatically kicks it

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much!


Thank you!

¡Buenas! Soy diseñador de juego y también programador experimentado en Godot, con preferencia por lo primero.

Busco gente para colaborar, ya sea en Godot como diseñador/programador o en otro engine como puramente diseñador. He hecho ya un buen puñado de jams y subo los resultados a mi Itch.

¡Podéis contactarme por Twitter!

Me encanta la música y el estilo visual, aunque igual habría que darle un repasito al salto ;p

Geniales los gráficos y la música, no quedarían fuera de lugar en una película cyberpunk

Yes, you most certainly beat the game ;D

Your score should be around 3.9199331 * 10^21, or 3910000000000000000000, which is part of the reason it switches to that once it gets that high

Thank you for playing!

You might want to try out the new update, it should fix some issues and allow you to progress further ;)

Ok, I can attest that you beat the game

Ah, I see what you mean... However, embracing and dealing with the chaos is part of the game ;)

Glad you like it! I don't think I understand what you mean by "pause mode"? You can press Escape to pause the game completely though ;p

I finished the demo. First off, I want to say that the game looks and sounds good - very good! It has very good art and music direction foundations. I also really like the touches of animation the UI has, which makes it very dynamic - it avoids a very common JRPG problem of having boring UI.

However, I found the gameplay to be not fun: I found the core gameplay both simple and boring. And, if this is a vertical slice (and thus somewhat representative of what the "best" of the final game should be), it does not bode well.

The combat is very slow, with a lot unnecesary pauses between enemy attacks and between your input and your characters acting. The fact that enemies have loads of HP slows it down even further.

Combat has absolutely zero strategic depth - no items, barely any skills, barely any resource management... It has the mechanics implemented, but doesn't use them, so hopefully there's more to see than what's here right now.

The real-time elements don't add anything for me. It could make combat more dynamic and engaging if combat was already fast, but because everything is so slow, it feels more like a chore than anything else. If perhaps enemies attacked at the same time, or switched up attacks more, it might work.

All in all, I'd say that, despite the very modern UI and art style, it plays like the worst of old-school JRPGs with a real-time paint job barely covering it. It's a shame, and I hope you iterate much more on the concept so you can do it proper justice.

Other random notes:

  • There's a random encounter with 4 enemies right after starting, before picking up the other party member. Feels like it's a debug thing or something, since it comes before the proper tutorial.
  • You can't see enemy HP or statuses if you're not targeting a skill: thus, you have to pick a skill to actually see what the situation is like, then go back and actually pick what you want to do.
  • The skill menu blocks view of the enemy characters, which is information essential to picking what you want to do.
  • The basic enemies are trivial to dodge, but then the boss pulls either projectiles or very fast attacks with confusing telegraphing, which has nothing to do with what was taught previously and feels unfair.

Use the "hand" tool to carefully calm him down so you can work on it ;)

Thanks! Sorry you got frustrated!

Thank you!

Very fun, very cute! Good job! I found a couple of bugs but they got fixed when restarting the level.

Thank you! It gets crazier in later levels, if you haven't seen them ;)

Great game! I love how original the concept of the game is, and the movement and respawn mechanics. The only real criticism I can offer is that the AI of the bugs is too unpredictable.

Very short, but fun: I wish you had explored the idea a bit more!

Thanks! You're supposed to use the "hand" tool to calm him down ;)

It requires some work still, but good job on finishing the prototype!

The game page says that the author hasn't uploaded anything, but comments say they played the game - looks like there's something wrong going on.

Very interesting game! I really like the idea, and it has a great audiovisual aspect. I only wish it gave you more time to put stuff up, since everything goes so fast it becomes very trial and error.

It's an interesting idea, but it feels lacking in kinesthetics and UI: showing how much force you're applying with an arrow or something like it would improve it greatly.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thanks! Sorry to hear you got stuck!


Thank you!

¡Gracias! El equipo es de España

Thank you!

Thank you!


Thank you! The sewing tool is a bit underexplained, maybe