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El juego se siente muy muy anticuado. Los enemigos se pasan la mayor parte del tiempo no haciendo nada, y solamente poder disparar de dos en dos no se siente bien. Por la descripción imagino que esto es un proyecto de curso así que un bien por mi parte en cuanto a programación pero un muy regular en cuanto a diseño.

I tried the game. The game looks very pretty, but plays not so well. Everything becomes really repetitive after the first day, since they are the exact same tasks with the same long unskippable animations. There's also the issue that a lot of stuff doesn't have sound, like the shadows attacking or getting hit, which lends a general air of weightlessness to the interactions. Still, good for a first game.

Very cool little game, I like how it looks and sounds very good and is very entertaining with so very little.

¡Muy chulo! Me encanta también cómo se ve y cómo se oye. Lo malo es que necesitas sí o sí tener amigos para jugar, así que cuando estás forever alone es menos disfrutable, pero lo veo siendo muy divertido en coop.

Very funny, I like how many different situations pop up from the simple premise. The text is kind of hard to distinguish from the background at times though.

Interesting idea, the tutorial is a bit too long but after that making the coffees is kind of satisfying.

Las hitboxes de los peligros son muy grandes, lo que combinado con la forma tan rara y poco manejable del personaje hace bastante frustrante el moverse de un lado a otro.

Well, this is most definitely a thing that exists.

Small criticism: the rotated camera angle makes it harder to tell where the stuff is going to drop at a glance, and also makes the play area seem a block shorter on the left.

The apocalypse came and went, and now only silence remains. You may survive starvation or the things crawling in the dark, but the true struggle is keeping hope alive.

The Apocalypse of You is a game about the human element in a desperate situation. You'll have to deal with loneliness, anxiety and paranoia as you try to move on in your life as the last remaining person in the world.

You can check the game out at

I'm glad you were able to persevere and get through it!

Which one do you mean, the one right after leaving the first cell? Did you equip the stuff in the chest earlier?

It's fine if the story is linear; many great RPGs are a straight line without being able to affect its outcome. However, gameplay-wise, the problem is that the game is (so far) always boxing you in: you can only go exactly where the plot is happening, and it takes control off constantly to ferry you between places. I'll take your word that it gets freer later and this is only the first chapter, but consider: does the player really need all that handholding?

Example: the village is destroyed and a black figure runs away. There is only one obvious option, which is following it. Taking control away from the player eliminates any agency they might have for no reason whatsoever, since that was going to be the thing they were going to do anyway.

Example 2: You reach the next town, and even though there are a couple of districts, trying to go anywhere prompts the mercenary guy to say that you're not supposed to go there. That, again, takes away all agency of the player for no good reason; if the area is made, there is nothing blocking it and isn't far away from the main quest, why not let the player visit ahead of time, even if there isn't much going on? In fact, it's a great opportunity to introduce optional exposition or foreshadowing for later events, or even minor sidequests.

Anyway, those are my 0.02$. You can always also try out other RPGMaker games to see what they did different and how it compares to your own game.

I tried the game out for a while, until the mansion, and here are my impressions:

  • It's way too railroady: you get control taken away from you constantly, and cannot even visit places where the Plot(tm) isn't happening right now, always with some variance of "I have no reason to be there". It makes the game feel much smaller and frustrating.
  • So far, the story goes so fast and with so little foreshadowing or explanation that everything feels like it happens because The Plot Requires It. Doomed hometown? Obligatory origin story. First party member? You need one. Guards ignore that you look like you are going to commit a murder? Story would halt otherwise.
  • I really like how animated the cutscenes are for an RPGMaker game. Does a lot with very little, specially when walking about and little things happen without stopping the game, like a random box falling. It goes a long way in making the game feel more alive.

A short, turn-based RPG with a single party member! About two hours of playtime, and not a single drop of filler in it - all fights are unique and have different mechanics, plus you constantly get new skills and equipment to try out with their own quirks and effects. You can try it out in your browser (or download it) right here!

Very cool concept, I've been following this for a while and read the design doc back in the day. I found (and reported) a couple of bugs just now. Looking forward to see where this goes. Are you working on this alone or is there a team behind it?

I like the idea of having a single fireball to throw and retrieve. The rest... not so much. Still, congratulations for putting in the effort and taking part in a game jam!

Finally I can recreate the frustrations of the original Tamagotchi in an even more inconvenient form. 10/10

Neat idea, like Magicka but on 2D. Taking into account it's a beta, a few criticisms:

- No sound at all makes the game feel very flat and uninteresting

- Having so many spells yet no tutorial nor intuitive way to understand them doesn't do the game any favours. How about introducing them one by one slowly?

- Having the controls stuck on the screen at all times takes valuable screen space and doesn't add much once you already know them; in fact they're distracting

Un juego muy graciosete, felicidades por terminarlo a tiempo para la Jam. Algunas cosillas:

- Parece que no escala bien a pantalla completa, me aparecía todo en una esquina

- Los botones tienen el estilo por defecto de Godot cuando haces hover

- A veces los libros aparecen encima del mobiliario y no los ves porque se funden al ser del mismo color

- No he entendido nada de las instrucciones, luego ya jugando es muy intuitivo.

9/10, not enough blood

Pretty cool concept and game, specially for being made in 48 hours.

You're welcome :). If the resolution is a hard limitation, maybe try designing the levels so the connections are in sight as much as possible when you turn the switches on/off.

Very cool little game, just two little criticisms:

  1. Game doesn't tell you in the slightest when you've completed a level, it just teleports you to the next.
  2. When you stop being able to see the whole level at once, it becomes kind of confusing, specially since the connections are often out of your sight and as such it's hard to tell what you're doing.
Escaped Chasm community · Created a new topic Short review
  • Very, very pretty. The art direction is consistent and overall really good, the video animations are also not something you see often in RPGMaker games. Something to double-down on on a possible sequel, specially since the creator is an artist.
  • The design is very lackluster, even for a walking-around-the-house simulator. Very unclear and random what you have to do to progress - I think I spent 20' inspecting everything twice before I noticed that I had to look at the sofa... which triggered the story cutscene, because reasons. Tip: Make whatever you need to interact with always be exceedingly obvious - even if it looks obvious to you! Making it a different colour (usually yellow) does wonders if it's an inanimate object.
  • Why no saving? Having to redo everything to see the different endings gets old real fast. Very quick thing to fix in an RPGMaker game too.
  • Still a strong first foray into making a project independently. Thumbs up!

I remembered I made this when I was frustrated with the game, and it doesn't feel really fair, but I stand with what I said anyway: the mushrooms get you high very randomly and it's not very clear what you need to do to progress at times in the area.


I greatly enjoyed the rest of the game, specially the last stretch. The art and music are on par (and often better) than the original LISA, and the combat was also very interesting, although repetitive at times. So thumbs up overall on the game, just some kinks that could be ironed out.

The area with the mushrooms is complete bullshit. I wanted to see the rest of the game but I just can't be bothered to go through that area.