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There are 4 stages, 3 regular and a boss stage that has an extra wave for the boss.

I'm glad you enjoyed my game!

Thanks cbak! I added some free music, but unfortunately I don't know how to score :P

Thank you!

Thanks! If I had more time I would've definitely implemented some sort of level select.

Thanks for the feedback!

This game is great, I especially liked the sound effects! I think the game needs a clear objective or a map with a goal.

i think the hitboxes need to be a bit smaller but overall a very good game

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Thanks for the feedback, I've actually already fixed all the issues you mentioned in an upcoming build.

well done considering you only did it in 6 hours

great game but i wish i didn't have to start over when i die

Thanks! Your game is pretty good too

i like the art direction and the enemy variety but it needs sound effects and music and i found it hard to aim where i wanted

I'm glad you liked it, Leon. I just used the default unity physics with a physics material on the balls. Your game was really fun to play too!

I'm so sorry to hear that. i am aware of this bug, but it sounds like you got it really bad.

i also found a hole, in the level after the one in the second image

i like how you have to catch the single bullet, instead of just using a button to recall it

I like the progression of complexity

Glad you liked it!

A two player mode is on my list of things to do, I'll for sure play around with that indication idea. Thanks man!


Full Marks!

I loved how the music changes when you press a button, but the controls are a bit finicky. Maybe instead of J, K and whatnot you could use the spacebar and shift.

Thanks, Neat! Your game was super cute!


Thanks for the feedback! I do need to tweak the physics a fair amount, I just didn't want to make the player wait for the balls to stop moving.

my game doesn't have nearly as much charm as yours though ;P

best game i've played so far

This could be adapted into a very unique rhythm game

I found trying to navigate around the body a bit finicky, but otherwise it was excellent

good game feel

Neat! I like how the water acts as a hazard and a help.

I agree with dubtuff's par idea

Cool idea, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say.