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There's some pretty art, but I had a few problems with the game:

- While floating as a ghost, it's possible to push the beaver into the river, where it's too far away for you to possess it again, effectively softlocking the game.

- The control scene the tutorial tells you about is incredibly awkward on American keyboards; the arrow keys are much easier to use, so it might be better to tell the players that it's an option.

- After crossing the river, releasing the boulder spawns you in the wrong location. If you use this too close to the bottom or left walls, it spawns you out of the game world, where you can't move anymore.

Fun and frantic! I only have one complaint, and that's that having to hold F to hold a part feels very awkward; simply pushing the button to pick it up and pushing it again to set it down would make the control feel a lot more natural. Still, a very fun game!

Played the game, here are my thoughts:

- The idea is fun, silly, and perfect for an arcade game, while also being fairly fresh.

- The collision detection is occasionally wonky, there were some issues when it comes to dismounting the elevator, often requiring you jump.

- The tenants are frustrating as obstacles; you can't do much to avoid/deter them; the roofs aren't tall enough to jump over them, but the movement patterns between the different tenants won't let you move between floors

- Sometimes you can get caught between a tenant and a wall, creating a brief-but-annoying loop of getting stunned over and over again. Maybe making the tenants turn around after touching you would help?

Overall, the premise is very interesting, but it needs refinement.

I'm on Linux Mint 19. How can I measure the framerate?

The game is fun and very clever, but unfortunately I had a lot of collision detection issues, I fell through the floor several times. 30 seconds definitely feels too long for the panic teleport, twice I ended up falling through the floor immediately after using it.

All in all, very fun and well-done, if the issues were patched out it would be amazing.

Fun, cute, clever, and interesting! Can't say enough good about this game.

This is... not good. Gameplay is incredibly simple and confusing. Layering problems are all over the place so it's hard to see where you even are. Ground texture flickers at the default window size and is extremely eye-straining if you don't fullscreen. The game lags like hell; I have a gaming PC capable of running several modern generation games, and I was getting single-digit framerates from this game because there was so much on screen at a time.

Finally, and worst of all, this has absolutely nothing to do with evolution.

This was really good! The controls feel very natural and smooth, the graphics look great, and it feels very solid programming-wise. I feel like there are a few things that could be improved, though.

When I first found the boomerang, I had no idea what it was, the icon doesn't really resemble a boomerang at first glance. A little text prompt saying something like "You got the boomerang!" would go a long way towards making the game easier to understand.

Also, while walking left/right feels good, the jumps seem a little bit floaty.

Still, it's a great entry to the jam, and a great start for a full game if you decide to keep working on it.

The game is hampered by its controls. I couldn't figure out until the lizard stage why jumping was so unresponsive, and having the character bounce after they land makes no sense. Being able to land on top of the evolution points is also confusing.

The idea is interesting, but the execution is flawed. You're supposed to be evolving, but going from a fish to a frog to a lizard to a rat to a dog to a human makes no sense at all.

I don't want to be mean, or discourage you from game development, but this game needs a lot of work. Good luck in your future endeavors!

The idea is interesting, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Walking around on top of the walls is extremely difficult because the lack of shading makes it hard to tell where the the platform actually ends. The controls also feel really slippery.

The idea is solid on paper, but it could use some more development time.

An interesting idea! I'm excited to see how this project evolves, if you decide to keep working after the jam.

I don't want to be rude, but this has nothing to do with evolution. The game doesn't even work, I load it up and get a crapton of script errors, and I can't move at all.

Thank you! I'm sorry that we couldn't have the game more functional than it is before release, I hope we can have more content coming out soon!

Simple, effective, and fun. Great game!

Somehow I completely missed the explanation of the coffee machine in the description... Thanks for explaining!

Great game! The Game & Watch style is heavily underused in a lot of games in my opinion. Gameplay is a lot of fun, but it seems like there's a limit to how fast you can move left/right? Like, rapidly tapping doesn't get you to the other end of the screen as fast as you'd expect. Still, it's really great!