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Great game! The Game & Watch style is heavily underused in a lot of games in my opinion. Gameplay is a lot of fun, but it seems like there's a limit to how fast you can move left/right? Like, rapidly tapping doesn't get you to the other end of the screen as fast as you'd expect. Still, it's really great!

Thank you for your input. Indeed, it does not play exactly like a good old Game&Watch. Your moving speed decreases along with the coffee gauge in the upper right. You can actually move instantly for a little while when it's full, but moving from one cup to the next will take 1/10th of a second when it's 80% full. That's why spending some time regularly at the coffee machine is of tremendous importance, especially as the number of sugar cubes increases.

Somehow I completely missed the explanation of the coffee machine in the description... Thanks for explaining!