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Terra Labyrinth (DEMO)View game page

Randomized Metroidvania made with Godot
Submitted by fornclake (@_fornclake), TheRetroDragon (@TheRetroDragon) — 7 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Randomized Metroidvania

Regular controls

Left and Right (arrow keys) to move
Z to jump
X to swing sword
Up to enter doors
Enter to leave menus

Ability controls

C to throw boomerang
Left or Right + Down + Z to slide
Left or Right while sliding down wall + Z to wall jump

Godot version

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This is an impressive game. Controls, graphics and sound feel very good and polished. The pixel art is really nice. The mechanics are well implemented.

But it feels a bit like a tech demo. I think the random nature of this game does not work very well to be honest. I was missing a bit of direction and motivation other than exploring all the great stuff you guys have put into this piece. With a more distinct level design and a bit of exposition at the start, this will turn into a really nice game, if you decide to put more time into it. What you have submitted is in my eyes a very well functioning and fun to play fundament for that.


You hit it on the nose really. This is the first project we have worked on together, so it was a test to see how well we could work together and see what we could achieve. We definitely plan on building upon this and making the flow work much better.

Thank you very much for the feedback!


Totally fair. We're still working on it (actually just made a huge amount of progress in one day that I wish I had for the jam version) and we have some ideas on making the exploration feel a lot more fun. Thank you for your opinions!


This was really good! The controls feel very natural and smooth, the graphics look great, and it feels very solid programming-wise. I feel like there are a few things that could be improved, though.

When I first found the boomerang, I had no idea what it was, the icon doesn't really resemble a boomerang at first glance. A little text prompt saying something like "You got the boomerang!" would go a long way towards making the game easier to understand.

Also, while walking left/right feels good, the jumps seem a little bit floaty.

Still, it's a great entry to the jam, and a great start for a full game if you decide to keep working on it.


I agree with the boomerang bit, there's definitely not a lot of indication with any of the new items. We sorta skimped on the UI and stuff. We're still going to work on the game so we'll take into account the floaty jumps too, a few people have said that elsewhere.

Thank you :)


The Good Stuff:

The game concept is fun and the controls feel tight and "natural". Especially the sliding and wall-jumping. I liked the difficulty and how you have to think before challenging certain rooms and not just rush in with no plan.

The sound and art were great, felt good stabbing the air and the "meaty" sound of the boomerang made it feel like it had power.

Some (hopefully) constructive criticism:

Certain mechanics that make Metroidvanias enjoyable are missing. Due to the random nature of the game, abilities and weapons are not as well introduced as they could be.

I think the game could have benefited from being a bit slower paced, it feels a bit "floaty" when your character flies 1/3 of the screen away from an enemy after taking a hit.

Also, the game locks at the Game Over screen - don't know if that was a problem on my end or not.

Overall, I enjoyed playing the game! Solid 4/5 from me :)


I agree on the Metroidvania mechanics bit, we had bigger plans on introducing items better but we just didn't have enough time, haha.

I'll admit I haven't played around with game speed and feel as much as I should have, once things started working I generally moved on to the next feature. We're going to play around with it for future versions because we had so much fun working on this.

As for the Game Over screen, you have to press Enter. Sorry we didn't put a prompt there!

Thank you so much for playing :)