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Hi Leo, I'm sorry that you're having trouble with Aseprite themes. Give me the weekend to see if I can find any solutions for you, and I'll get back to you. I'll do my best to help.

You may want to consider the utility in which people are going to buy assets from you. What kind of games are the people going to make with your art? Are you making it easy for them to apply it to their game?

It looks like you have the making of a top-down type game, but what are they doing besides that? Are there enemies that the need to fight? Does the player need more actions? What about the environment? You only really have one street / building designed, and the player only can walk right now. I think if you fill out your asset packs with more content that can be applied to a game, you will receive more interest (And you can charge a bit more also). Perhaps look at some game jams on Itch and see what kind of games people are making- these tend to be smaller games and are perfect for asset packs like this. 

When you design assets, it's almost like you are also building a game, just without the code- so you have to think about the elements that go into the full game, not just a small piece.

Hope that helps a bit.

It would depend on the mechanics that you are going for, you may also need:

  • Rolling
  • Swimming
  • Picking up objects (or Obtaining Animation)
  • Pushing / Pulling
  • Falling

There's lots of things to consider. If you think of Minecraft or Stardew, even more examples come to mind like swinging an axe / pickaxe, fishing etc.

That's awesome, thank you! I -believe- you get an email when your purchase updates, but if you want to be safe, follow me so when I make a devlog announcement, you won't miss it. Thanks for the support!

You hit it on the nose really. This is the first project we have worked on together, so it was a test to see how well we could work together and see what we could achieve. We definitely plan on building upon this and making the flow work much better.

Thank you very much for the feedback!