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Really cool puzzle solving concept!

The concept is nice with the robot having an existential crisis and going out of control lmao. The aesthetics and music are cute and charming.

I love the art. The game has a cute and simple concept. I enjoyed this.

Jesus Christ. This game gave me chills.

Damn... This is definitely a unique take on the theme. Pretty depressing

Everything about this great! The art is to I love how every action you do( other than going left or right) is associated with the beat of the music. The  game really forces you to plan ahead and makes you strategize, but since your character is doing the set of movements she was previously doing, it adds more chaos to your decision making. When I first played this, I kinda found this frustrating but you eventually get used to it.

Yo, I love the idea of you movement options having their own health bars! The art is fantastic and nice soundtrack!

The concept of indirect control and that sleep mechanic is nice!

I like the idea!

This game is pretty cool! I like how as you progress, the less movement options you have. Combine this with the fact that you have to  avoid enemies makes this experience pretty frantic! Good job!

I like the concept of this.  I like the idea of setting up towers to stop the weather and then having to manually activate the tower makes it more out of control.

Glad you liked it!

The game is simple but nice.

Nice Art! 

I like how you made the game asteroids fit the theme of the  jam by  randomly making the ship decide which side to shot from.

The art is nice. Though, I'm not sure if I'm even changing anything. However, when I checked the comments section here, I actually found it cool that the tweet button actually TWEETS what we came up with.

I really love the art for this game, it's cute! I really like how you somehow made a clicker pretty fun. Switching in between scenes, kinda makes me think of FNAF in some way. But damn, the clicking I have to do, is way out of control dang!

I love this. Juggling through maintaining your raft and dodging obstacles is fun.

This game is simplistic but clever. I love that interpretation of the theme, where you lose movement option when you get hit.

The concept is simple but it is great! The art is charming, the puzzles are engaging.

This game is mind blowing. It's fun, you can really feel every hit you deal and take, it's straight forward and pretty fair. It boggles my mind that 1 person programmed, designed and drew and animated a game like this one their own. The music was fucking great and the sounds also added to the crisp feel. Kudos to the audio guy too. This legit looks like something I would pay for.