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Is there a third-party license for Beacon or are you keeping it in-house for the time being?

Thank you for your kind words!

And thanks to OSP for putting my game in front of 2.4 MILLION subscribers. That kind of thing makes a real difference to us tiny indie creators.

That's an excellent idea! But also a lot of work. If I get the urge to revisit SIX in the future (once it's actually finished, with art and such) it's definitely a thought.

I still plan to update it once I've got the art in. I just don't have the art yet. (You'll know it's the final version because I make print copies available on DTRPG.)

The final size is going to be ~200 pages, give or take.

UU was definitely an inspiration, yeah. 

I've done a little research and LibreOffice doesn't implement VBA in quite the same way as Excel, which I'm guessing is the problem. In theory I could grab a copy of LibreOffice and work something out, but in practice I have eleventy-billion things to do until mid-January so it's unlikely I'll get to that soon, if ever.

Hello -- if you bought the game here then you'll get the updated pdf with the art as well. I'm just going to update the files when they're ready, and you'll be able to grab the fresh new one.

Yeah, I kind of ran out of motivation by the time I'd got to the index.  ¬_¬

Much like TokenOracle, now I've seen it I can't unsee it.

Graphic design is my passion, etc.

Thank you for your kind words. And on Twitter as well!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm always glad to hear people enjoyed playing my games.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And it's fine to bend the rules a bit to make things come out the way you want -- I do that all the time when I play solo RPGs so I'm not going to start acting like it's forbidden or something.  =P

And thanks for pointing out the xx's. Technically The One isn't finished yet, so I haven't done my usual final checks, but I don't think the rules text is going to change much now.

If I submit something to this jam, it'll be the game I started writing for Beyond the Super Jam but never finished.

And I'd love to see more entries for the Felonious Fauna Jam, which was completely eclipsed by the Emotional Mecha Jam when it was running originally.

It's about as good as it's going to get for a while, I think. At some point in the future I need to polish up the card designs, maybe make them printable, but for the foreseeable future it's going to be this.

Thanks for that! It all looks like solid advice that I should probably have thought of myself. On the subject of organisation, I've seen one online game use a Trello board to keep track of introduced lore, details about the wanderer, and other things.

Anyway, I'm glad your experience with Bleak Spirit was good, and thanks again for leaving such a nice comment.

I love this quite a lot.

What this person said.

I write RPGs, and what the current monopoly website offers is the ability to sell print-on-demand copies of books. It's pretty far outside itch's typical remit, but if you could somehow swing that then you'd have everything Drivethru offers with a lower cut of sales and an easier-to-use back-end.

Then we'd just have to drive our customers your way.

This is great.