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Superhero fiction is very cool. Wild powers, over-the-top villains, ridiculous timelines and continuities... there's a lot there to play with. 

But... often, superhero comics, TV shows, and movies tend to stick to the basics: big, spectacular fights, quippy one-liners, problems solved with simple violence. And that's... fine. But you know what I want? I want stories that are complex without being grimdark. I want romantic comedies where the superhero world is just incidental. I want a documentary about what it's like to be kid growing up with powers. 

Introducing: Beyond The Super Game Jam. It's our time to make all those superhero stories that Marvel & DC don't care about telling. It's time for your MCU fanfiction, your most ridiculous What-If stories, your "how about a tabletop rpg that's just Fraction's Hawkeye?" Go for it!

Submission Guidelines: 

  • Write a game about what you want superhero fiction to be, whatever that means to you. 
  • You are totally welcome to submit old games, if they fit the theme.
  • This is primarily a tabletop rpg jam, but if you want to make a video game, that rules.
  • If you have a twitter, make sure to tweet your submission with #beyondsuperjam
  • Be inclusive. This jam is inclusive to everyone but bigots. If that bothers you, don't participate.

This jam is run by Riley Rethal, aka, aka @jaceaddax on twitter, aka "the girl who used to be really into stevebucky". Following me is not a requirement, but I will be retweeting submissions and generally tweeting about the jam, so hit me up.

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A short storygame about an average person's day in a city full of superheroes.
Interactive Fiction
A one-player journaling RPG about messy trans narratives and superheroes
Fight with your friends and fall in love with your rivals in a city despoiled by super powers.
Take a peek behind the mask of a superhero
saving the world one client at a time
A solo RPG about protecting, befriending and improving a community
Messy Trans Narrative questions for Masks: A New Generation
a superhero universe creation game
we met in the singularity of an uncaring world
A story game about overworked superheroes doing their best.
A story game about a city filled with extraordinary heroes and people for 2-4 players.
A Solo-Tabletop RPG about Uncovering a 4-Colored Past and The People Left Behind
The beginning unravels here!
Visual Novel
A game about Malaysian student superheroes juggling school and heroics
Point and click about Charlie, a creative child with an imaginative world of his own, The Heart Kingdom
A compact yet prolific superpower generation tool
A superhero game about saving your city from an alien virus
Supplément pour Masques: une nouvelle génération
find your inner strength, seek the support you need, use your body and a piece of paper
A superhero show in a reality tv rpg
A LARP about reckless teens, super powers, and peer pressure.
Players band together to deal with an event that's shaken their community.
A retired superhero coaches a sports team of scrappy underdogs to possible victory.
An RPG about communicating with your team after a number of missions
Your superhero parents want to protect you, but their methods feel a bit extreme...
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A story-rich RPG about time, power, and lost memories.
a hack of the riot starts by riley rethal
a super friend on the go
A group of teenagers find solutions for their problems by creating superhero stories.
world-building through doubt, confusion, and storytelling against the unknown!
The better sequel