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Ah, I see that I should have read the change log more carefully.

Thanks for being very responsive!

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There seems to be a new graphical bug. Some objects appear to have a lot of banding.



Status Bar

Grass (not the best demonstration, but there is significant banding on the grass in-game)

The game sometimes wouldn't load when I selected it in the menu. I wasn't able to load my save at all.

The exit button in the menu also didn't work for me; I had to alt+F4 to exit each time.

EDIT: I'm not sure if this is a driver issue since I recently updated them.

That fixed it, thanks!

The emulator opens automatically set in 4:3 fullscreen and is stuck on the white Unity splash screen.

I got this error log after the crash.

Here you go:

Zelda II Second Palace Save State

I tried using the newest version of 3DNes to see if the second palace looks any better. Unfortunately this was not the case.

This time, however, I brought screenshots.


I also have a save-state file if anyone wants to explore the glitch.

I've run into a bit of a problem. I cannot separate the background and the walls/floor of the second palace.

This means that Link must exist either in front of both the background and the ground he stands on, or behind both. Neither is pleasing.

I wish I had screen shots to demonstrate the problem, but I (stupidly) forgot to take them and I'm not ready to spend ~2 hours to get back to that point (for now, at least).

Look at this picture from the original. Now imagine that the background was (instead of bricks) a bunch of chains whose width scales the entire z-axis (from behind the red blocks to in front of Link).

This is strange because the first palace does about the same thing but can be separated just fine.

Is this a bug with 3DNes or some unfortunate effect of the way Zelda II was programmed?

Unfortunately I don't think I'm skilled enough at Zelda II to get all the way through the game.

To be honest, I can't even beat the game with saving progress and a friend to help.

I might be able to set aside some time this week to reach beyond where I left off last time but I don't think I could ever reach the end in one run.

I recorded about 2 hours of gameplay and trimmed it down to about 10 minutes.


Hmm. The village looks fine on my end. Maybe I kept a bunch of the tiles at an "undefined" layer on accident.

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For some reason I couldn't get your .3dn working so I made my own.

EDIT: I worked some more on the .3dn.

EDIT2: I worked on the .3dn just a little more.

Newest Link (10/18/16)

(Remember to rename the download to the name of the .nes file)

Old Link

Oldest Link

Screenshot Album

Let me know if you recommend any changes.