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For some reason I couldn't get your .3dn working so I made my own.

EDIT: I worked some more on the .3dn.

EDIT2: I worked on the .3dn just a little more.

Newest Link (10/18/16)

(Remember to rename the download to the name of the .nes file)

Old Link

Oldest Link

Screenshot Album

Let me know if you recommend any changes.

Looks good so far. The first village is a mess for me. Is it that way for you too? I'm assuming it's just an emulator issue, but I hope it's not my PC!

Hmm. The village looks fine on my end. Maybe I kept a bunch of the tiles at an "undefined" layer on accident.

No. This is majorly messed up. Scrambled character sprites and weird looking backgrounds. The text comes through fine though.

There are other games that do that for me as well. I just assumed it was like that for everyone.