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So good, I cannot wait for the full game!

This was a really fun submission, the variation of the flames is super nice and I love the mechanic of running the sprinklers around.  Really great project!

So much style, and I love seeing the demons roll away after shooting them!  I like a lot of the design decisions, though (it's already been said) it is really hard.  Avoiding and shooting is easy enough, the hard part is trying to aim for the vertical portals.  Overall great job though, it's fun to play!

Ha, such a fun idea!  I too wish the reload was a bit faster and the enemies are really punishing.  Really fun idea though and glad I got to play :)

One of the more unique submissions, and like mentioned in the comments I am really inspired to make a strategy game now.  I really loved this and hope you continue the project, great work!

Super hard, but a lot of fun and really really original.  I love the idea of auto jumping on a pogostick, such a cool idea.  Most of all I love the art, really funky!

This was great, I love the art and sfx so friggin' much.  The wall jump was also surprising, but so much fun to play with, great submission!

This was a fun little submission.  Pretty difficult, but that just made me keep trying more!

Super unique take on the theme, and now I'm extra scared of helicopters :)  Awesome job

This was one of my favorites so far :)  So beautiful, and there were a handful of really smart design decisions that I loved.  First, the gradient skybox made it really easy to tell if I was going up or down, which can get confusing.  Also, the long trails off the wings were a lot of fun to play with as I got lost making patterns and then doubling back and looking at them.  Great job!

Ha, I am awful at it, but so much fun.  The models are fantastic and overall the whole thing is just so much fun :)

Such a fun idea, and really well executed XD  I had a ton of fun playing this one, the cinematics/voiceover/story is amazing!

So atmospheric!  I loved this, please keep up with game dev because this was a big mood.  I could fly around all day between the lighting and the music.  

Really well designed, awesome submission.  The tutorial and multiple levels are really impressive and I love the music.  I especially love the animations and shader work as well.  Love it!

Fun little infinite jumper, such a fun take on the theme, great job :)

I did it, I reached the moon!  This was a really fun and unique entry.  It gave me all sorts of ideas I'd love to see happen with this being a potentially bigger game.  Great job to the whole team!

Fun little infinite space run :)  I will be back to get on that leaderboard

This is great, I feel like a real goat.  The sfx when you die are amazing too.  Awesome work.

Awesome, thanks!

Hi, I was curious how often ZenoJams happen.  Looks like this is the 6th one, wondering if they are held regularly?

Totally, especially for one like this.  Game jams are a great place to practice tweaking your workflow to see what works best for you.  If you're excited to get started on writing and creating concept art you totally should.  I may start doing to same this week :)

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lol, love it.

Thank you!  

I was wondering the same thing, it doesn't show in the upcoming jams either, I'm seeing this with a few recurring jams ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This was extensive, great job!  You did a ton of writing, character art, 3d art, environment art, quest system, save system ... I'm impressed.  

This was cool, and tackling a stealth game is especially tough.  I like that you added the objective to the start screen, that was super helpful.  In the future I would add some sort of radar to help sneak a little easier as the guards move really fast and without any hint they're about to patrol.  

This was cool, really awesome game feel.  The mechanic is cool and I found myself really strategizing my moves to hit as many enemies as possible.  Really cool aesthetic and sound too.

I really enjoyed this!  The enemy ai was great, I love how the little guys telegraph before shooting, and how they attacked based on proximity.  I loved the art, and the boss fight was awesome to fit in, especially as you were learning a new engine.  Awesome job!  

Thanks for the feedback!  I'm playing through submissions tonight and was watching your progress on Discord, so I'm excited to play :)

Yeah, I scoped too big and the arcade games got cut shorter than I'd like.  Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback!  Looking forward to playing yours today :)

Haha, thanks so much for the feedback!  I'm planning on playing through submissions tonight so I'm looking forward to playing yours!  

The discord link says it isn't valid anymore :/  Any chance I could get an updated one?

Shoot to Survive is definitely one of them ...

This was so much fun to watch, thanks for sharing!

This is awesome, thanks so much for playing.  I'm planning on working on a full version soon, so new levels coming as quickly as possible :)

Got it, thanks

I love the idea of this jam, but am curious, the rules say "It should somehow use the aesthetics of DOS games or be inspired by games from that era." does that include NES, gameboy, etc. games?

Thanks for covering the jam, Jupiter.  Big fan of your channel and really appreciate the feedback!