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I just ran my first session last night and had a blast with it. Everyone loved the character creation process and the gameplay was weird, wacky fun. I cannot wait to see what content you add in the future.

So close, but so far away. Thanks for the review!

Paul and JF had a lot of fun with this stealth game on stream last night. Having to use the single knife to use made for some fun and tense moments (especially when you made the player toss it for half the level, you monster). The many criticism is that there are a few points where the player needs to jump into a guarded area which caused quite a few unfair deaths. A small suggestion would be to limit movement to the ASWD and use the mouse for aiming and shooting. All in all it was a great entry to the GMTK game jam. 

Good job! We look forward to seeing what you do next whether it be developing this idea further or making something completely new.

Paul and JF had a lot of fun playing this on last night's stream. The concept of playing mini-putt with a shuriken is just delightful. The levels offered quite a bit of variety that show the depth these seemingly simple mechanics have. There are quite a few directions you can go with game if you decide to develop it further (and we hope that you do).

You did a fantastic job with this and we look forward to seeing other projects in the future.

JF and Paul had a lot of fun playing through this game on stream last night. The idea of one shot was a common one for this game jam, but you found a fun arcade-y way of making a game that they ended up spending quite some time with. The design of the arena leaves a little to be desired as far as cover goes from the onslaught of bullets but it didn't get in the way of a good time. The one hang up is the mouse being the solo method of playing, however you made some optimizations with it by having the middle button acting as the action roll. 

Great job on this submission and we look forward to seeing how your other projects turn out!

Paul and JF are huge fans of your Youtube channel so this was a treat for them to play on stream last night. The concept of aging providing different abilities and obstacles was a really unique take on what could have been a really banal idea. There's a lot of areas to explore and quite a bit of replayability that is surprising for game jam titles. The only criticism that was brought up was that a few of the aging abilities or traversal were a little unclear that led to starting over.

This is a great little game and we look forward to seeing if you develop this further!

Jean Francois and Paul enjoyed playing this game on their stream last night. The game is incredibly well designed, it handles well and the soundtrack was on point. Instructions were clear and no death ever felt unfair. The mixture of vector and pixel art was a little jarring, but that is the only bit of criticism they could muster. 

Great job!

We really loved seeing this game at the Northern Game Design Challenge. Can't wait to try this out at home. I hope you keep on developing this and polishing it up!

Unfortunately we only created the game to be playable with a controller because it requires dual joysticks to play. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Thanks for playing our game. There's definitely a lot of fixes coming in the new version of the game. 

Thanks for playing our game! Hope you enjoyed it. It's the 48hr version of the game, and still very much rough around the edges but if you liked it we'll let you know when we finish the official release.


Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with the keyboard controls :( We initially designed the game with a controller in mind and then added keyboard support afterwards to give people who don't have a controller a chance to try out the game. We are working on a full release of the game, as this is more of a prototype. We will definitely try out some better keyboard control schemes :) Thanks for playing our game! We appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!  We're really glad you liked it! We'll be working on fixing those controller and jumping issues in the full release :)

This is such an awesome game! I never thought mixing rhythm and platforming would make such a good combo! Keep up the great work guys! :D

Thank you for playing our game! We are glad you enjoyed it :D

Great job guys! This was an awesome and hilarious game you made. It's really impressive. Looking forward to seeing what you do next year!