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Rock Bottom - 48 Hr Version

You've hit bottom. Now it's time to climb back up. · By Platypus Studios, itsIzzac

Great game

A topic by draxenn created Jan 25, 2018 Views: 333 Replies: 1
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If you're looking for a quick little game to play, please consider Rock Bottom. It's a fun little platformer that was created during the 48 hour game design challenge. My pal Paul Ungar had a hand or two (or three) in it's creation.

My take: The game was fun and frustrating, but that's how it's designed to be. It's a platformer that launches you through spiked tunnels, has you jumping and double jumping across chasms and dodging more spiked walls.

You have unlimited lives; the game simply keeps track of how many times you died and how long it takes you to finish the game. Throughout the game are little notes that will make a paragraph to read once you've completed the game. I missed out on a few sentences, but I also didn't notice that near the bottom left of the screen showed me how many phrases were located on whatever level I was on. So my bad for missing that.

The controls I found were a little too slippery for me. I would tap in one direction and felt I would go way further than I would have expected. I also didn't like the way the character jumps, it's more like a float. It took me a while to get used to. Ok, i never really got used to it, it gave me a hard time throughout the entire game! 

But again, I had fun. It took me less than an hour to beat it, and I look forward to seeing the completely polished version.  I recommend getting a copy for yourself to check it out.


Thanks for the feedback!  We're really glad you liked it! We'll be working on fixing those controller and jumping issues in the full release :)