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Rock Bottom - 48 Hr Version

You've hit bottom. Now it's time to climb back up. · By Platypus Studios, itsIzzac

What a great platform game.

A topic by wobblyfootgamer created Jan 21, 2018 Views: 565 Replies: 5
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Hey Guys,

I read your page on with great interest and decided to download and play Rock bottom. I thought it was a great little game. I liked the audio, graphics and picking up some of the letters became much more trickier/fun towards the later part of the game. I found as I went on that I really wanted to pick up the next letter as well ... I just wanted to know what the next letter said.

As the game progressed it got a lot harder (Play Act 4 OMG) but I really couldn't stop playing until my hands were hurting from using the xbox controller. I'm a non ctroller user but I goota learn to use one sometime.

One thing that I couldn't work out through out the game though was seeing as the game is about loss/depression and the fact that people can turn to alcohol, are there spikes or bottles of alcohol in the game? They do look like bottles of alcohol to me and I suppose becuase of the nature of the game they can be bottles. Alcoholism can from from loss/depression and can worsen the situatiuon and even lead the death (This is a bit deep sorry lol)

I got as far act 4 though and it's unfinished because I played for over an hour with an xbox controller and my hands were killing me so I will go back to act 4 later and post that up. 

Well done DEVS, I really enjoyed playing Rock Bottom. The whole game just nitted so well.

Thanks and Good Luck


EDIT  - Whoops, I've just seen the keyboard controlls but I reckon I was distracted by my children/Dog and missed them when I read the page. School boy error lol


Thank you for playing our game! We are glad you enjoyed it :D


Act 3 probally took me most of the deaths. I gonna use a game pad in the next time that i play ^^


really lots of fun. would like save points mid-level in some cases though.

Was a cool game. The very last level drove me nearly insane cause I had to do both levers at once. If I died midway, I would have to do the whole thing again.

But surely a cool game, the texts were cool too

Fantastic :)

I found act 4 really hard and have yet to finish it. I still have the first half recorded and will catchup.