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Plamen M.

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Another thing you could do, especially if you're short on money, is to just promote your game through word of mouth. Tell your friends about it, ask your family to spread the word. You can even tell your neighbors about it. Who knows, maybe old lady Johnson on the fifth floor is actually an avid gamer who's looking to play something new.

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Howdy everyone! I'm Plamen. Pretty odd name, eh? Well that's what happens when you're from Bulgaria. You know, Bulgaria. That small country north of Turkey that kinda looks like a fluffy Poodle?

I started my game-making journey as a programmer. I started with videos on Youtube about C# and Unity and then, after I got the hang of things, I decided to try my hand at making my own game. I soon realized that making a game would require a lot more than just writing code so I then hired a small team of artists and sound designers to help me out... is what I would've said if I was a smart person and actually done that. No, instead I decided it would be a really smart idea to do everything myself. How hard could it possibly be, right? I learned Unity on my own, surely Photoshop and Audacity can't be too hard... yeah... that was not my brightest move.

Long story short after a year of pain and constantly getting distracted by my cat, I finally released my first game here, Bunker.

So yeah, that's my story so far. Hopefully one day I can actually make my own game studio, in part because I really want to make games, and in part because I want to show the gaming industry that you don't need to be a stuck-up suit to make games and run a company.

And in part so I can, as the kids today say, "Rake in the big bucks". I mean the booze aren't gonna pay for themselves. :)

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So after many months of hard work, blood, tears and lots upon lots of creative swearing, I finally completed and published my own game, Bunker!

Bunker is a non-linear 2D game that takes you on a journey through an old, top secret military bunker (that everyone knows is just outside Salt Lake City) where one night, for no apparent reason, the facility's reactor malfunctions and kills all of the scientists stationed there.

After an unknown period of time, you, a small robot stationed by DynamoLight Industries here, wake up and are free to explore the ruined facility and maybe, with some luck, figure out what really happened.

On your journey there will be many obstacles to overcome so you will have to be smart and perceptive to make your way through the facility's irradiated halls.

Or, you know, you can always grab the Machine Gun and shoot your way through. That seems to work pretty well too.