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I tried things in Kitch, and found that http(s):// links do open in the default browser there! target="_blank" and are still no-ops, which is a little weird, but I can work with that, and we can call this resolved as soon as the Kitch launcher becomes the Itch launcher.

I have some HTML5 games I'm working on porting to Itch and making sure they work in the Itch app. They use <a> links for things like unintrusive self-promo, crediting authors of used resources, getting the source code if it's open-source, etc. Presently, those links open in the game window, which is very suboptimal - the user ought to have access to their bookmarks/logins/etc.

I've tried target="_blank" on both <base> and <a>, as well as; they're all no-ops. Ideally the app should detect links to http(s):// URLs and open them in the default browser. Until then, I'll intercept clicks on them, copy their URLs to the clipboard, and tell the player "go paste in your web browser".

Really shallow game; there's not a good variety of obstacles/challenges and the game takes too long to introduce ingredients that hinder you. Lovely graphics, though.

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Please remove the note about Firefox from the description. The game runs great in Firefox.

Also, all of my yes to having a cute freckled WoC as the protagonist. "Freckled" and "WoC" are things that protagonists should be more often.

Signs of Life is a puzzle game where you're given a math equation where all the numbers are known - but the signs are missing, and you need to fill them in!

Or, I should say all the digits are known - you can leave a space unfilled and let the digits be one big number.

You can play version 1.4.1 right now on v1.5 will be released both there and soon, and the game will be considered 100% complete when v2.0 is released later this year.

Right now, I'm working on improving the account system (which is optional to use, but you can carry your game data across devices if you do) so that you can log in from in-game and use your account. Once that's done, I'll put the finishing touches on v1.5, including mobile support.

v2 is an ambitious project where I plan to include:
- Many more puzzles, most of which will require payment, but I'll leave at least 33 free
- Puzzles with 7 or more digits
- Sounds and music
- A redesigned interface that'll be much more lively and have a variety of puzzle backgrounds
- Gamepad support & improved keyboard support, including the ability to enter specific signs with their given keys/buttons
- Offline support, whether or not you use the app
- An easy way to compare scores with friends, including fair comparisons with friends who have bought more/fewer puzzles

I hope you'll enjoy Signs of Life, now and in the future!

I'm Pikadude No. 1, and I love games, cuteness, fairies, and especially games that have cute fairies. I've made a bunch of Web things and put them up at, and I'll be working to bring some of them over to - currently none of them have cute fairies, which is a serious flaw that I will fix as a 2018 goal. ❤️ I dream of influencing the world into being a friendlier place through my games - wish me luck!