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Dom Sleightholme

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Thank you so much! As this is a university project I am not able to work on any fixes atm but as soon as I finished University I will go back to fix those changes :) This is my first solo VR project so it is great to hear the feedback!

The game is beautiful, the mechanics, the music, everything feels so smooth and great!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you, I will be adding this in the polished version! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you :)

As soon as I got used to the mechanics of the game, I enjoyed it!

Got my house mate to try this out with me, unique take using actual co-op for a gamejam, graphics was good, great work :)

The music and game play worked great together, loved playing this :)

Cute style, had some issues with the controls but loved it overall :)

The art and story is so cute, I enjoyed this submission a lot! :)

Unique take on the theme, love the graphics :)

Feels like the Fire boy and Water Girl Flash game, I enjoyed the game but was buggy at times, good submission :)

Has some bugs playing but the general gameplay is great, great concept!

Great concept, would love to see health icon implemented after the jam but good submission :)!

Our games love Robots! Well designed levels and movement, Great work :)

Will rate your game and comment later :) check out mine!

Will rate your game later, check mine out! :)

Check mine out! I will try yours out and rate it later :)

Check what I made out :) I will rate yours later!

Check mine out! Will rate yours later today :)

Check my game out :) will rate your game later today :)

Would love some feedback on my submission, will rate yours later today! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! currently working on a polished version :)

Great concept, unique submission to this jam! :)

Good submission, I like the different abilities on the characters , nice!

Confused at what to do at first but managed to understand, good starting point with some bugs :)

Great work, good design and similar to what I done, awesome :)

Bit buggy but good starting point for future work :)

Great mechanics and visual design, nice work :)

I'll try out your game now :) this is what I made

I'll play your game now, this is what I made

I made this

I'll play your game now :)

This is what I worked on :)

Great game! can't wait to see more in the future ! :)

Unique but fun submission, good work :)