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Thanks for playing!
I left you a comment on the video, although Hades beat me to it :P

Thanks for playing! 
I left a comment on YouTube, so I'm not gonna write an essay here. Hopefully, a full version will keep you even more hooked :D

Hey there!

Well, there is a mini-map in-game, but it's an unlockable thing after beating the demo with a highest possible rank. It's mainly useful for finding secrets. I'm not sure if we're going to add a map in the main game by default. It would make things too easy. Plus, as we said in the description, the game is supposed to be kind of hard. Since you're in Purgatorium, getting through puzzles and making progress is rewarding, as well as the exploration and item usage. You have to think and focus on survival, while keeping in mind that you're lost and vulnerable. I think it's kind of good for the scare factor and it keeps players on edge.

Well, you couldn't find the screwdriver, because it was in a different place. A few items are randomly generated around the basement, including key items.

We're contantly thinking how we can make the game more accessible for casual players, but not too easy. We're trying to balance all of the difficulties, so bear with us, while we try to sort this out :D

Also, you have to break something with a pipe near the exit door. Something that's above a 4-digit padlock.

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As I said on all of the sites and comments, thank you for playing P:AFTA demo! :D

Thanks for playing P: AFTA demo!

Too bad you got lost there :/
Anyway, I left a comment under your video, so if you have any questions I'll be happy to help!

Thanks a lot for playing and testing the game on Linux!

We were really worried that Linux players would have problems playing our new game, since we had trouble with Linux ports in the past, but I'm glad to hear that everything works.

You don't have to worry about buying the game, since it will be free anyway :P
Thanks for specs. I'll definitely make a note about it later :)

Thanks again for being interested in Purgatorium!

I left you a comment under the video so hopefully, you'll be able to play the game on a proper machine without any lags :)

Hey there!

So lately we've started our second project called "Purgatorium: A Family Torn Apart" and we wanted to share the latest demo with you guys.

Okay, so why you should play it?

It's an interactive FMV psychological thriller with Point & Click elements (Yeah, I know. That's a lot of tags). 

The game (so far) features:

- Different riddles depending on the difficulty level (Easy/Normal/Hard)

- Don't Move system (Where you have to keep your cursor in the rectangle in order to survive) 

- Polish voice acting with english subtitles

- Creepy basement that you're stuck in while playing as a female protagonist

- And all of the things that Point & Click actually needs :P

So, if you're interested check out our demo on!

~ Piotr Bunkowski
Purgatorium director