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"Purgatorium: A Family Torn Apart" An interactive FMV thriller!

A topic by Piotr_Bunkowski created Nov 22, 2017 Views: 183
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Hey there!

So lately we've started our second project called "Purgatorium: A Family Torn Apart" and we wanted to share the latest demo with you guys.

Okay, so why you should play it?

It's an interactive FMV psychological thriller with Point & Click elements (Yeah, I know. That's a lot of tags). 

The game (so far) features:

- Different riddles depending on the difficulty level (Easy/Normal/Hard)

- Don't Move system (Where you have to keep your cursor in the rectangle in order to survive) 

- Polish voice acting with english subtitles

- Creepy basement that you're stuck in while playing as a female protagonist

- And all of the things that Point & Click actually needs :P

So, if you're interested check out our demo on!

~ Piotr Bunkowski
Purgatorium director