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Yaaay, an update from this amazing jam game! <3

Wait what? Look at that changelog! Love you for bringing so much new content! <3

Amazing, I love that warioware style game! Some minigames are not as fair for the first time you see them (the trains were the car is on by default so you have to figure out what’s happening frame 1) Would love to see more ;)

Where is level 2? I want more :D

Thank you, The game was supposed to be profit and loss, but it felt too easy like this so we removed it almost last minute

Hi, glad our game peaked your interest! Sad to hear about your condition, and I gratefully take your feedback and proposition. I won’t promise anything but I may look into your idea and add this as an accessibility option. If we end up adding it to the game, I will definitely contact you so you can test it out and tell us how it feels.

Hi Doot, thank you! Yes this is the feedback I get the most, we will definitely improve on it with coming updates ;)

Glad you liked it!

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Thank you!

Yes, it is hard to translate that part to the player, we intended to have a tutorial phase, but ended up with no time left (we actually had to start working on it halfway through so about 1.5 days due to evryone’s schedules)

I’m thinking of adding a “Just type” mode where you can just type everywords in a classical Typing game genre, but it really needs a better introduction for this intended gameplay.

That’s hard! Is the music adaptive? I feel like it got more active around the 20% of the first life bar

I was waiting on the instructions screen expecting a start button somewhere until that “Ah ha!” moment when I figured out I could already move

For a mouse intensive game, it would be better to include a way of going fullscreen so the mouse stays in the frame (plus on the web version the itch page background is quite bright and distracting), at least for the desktop version so I don’t accidentaly close the game in the middle of the fight :sweat:

Not sure it it was intended, but you can just hold right click for the whole game and never release it to hold your bow, I guess the intent was to pull again on the bow but would be frustrating, but then why keep it at all you can just keep somr tape on your mouse and forget about this fuctionnality?

Loved this game and I will play again to try and finish it!

Good job on this game. Not sure if I took the fastest route, it took me 3 fights to win

It is a nice concept, visuals and audio are good. The fight can be cheesed by spamming the attack button (can attack up to 4 times in a turn) but the balance is cool. Not sure if the heroes got stronger over time or stayed the same though.

Good point adding a web version :D I would have skipped it otherwise

This should now be fixed ;)

Wow! Like how many attack patterns are there? Really good entry, that intro is sick!

Too much obvious good things to tell, the difficulty, juice & feel, cool attack patterns, the fact you don’t see the enemy health keeps you on high tension all the way (“when are you gonna fall?!”) …

A few things I noted to improve:

  • the colliders seem to be placed differently on the boss and player, making it not as obvious to know if you will get hit or not
  • please find a way for non QWERTY keyboard users to play fine (changing region is meh)

Hey, I was watching your dev stream, I see you have watched about Reversary :D Love the final result, great polish!

Lvl1 -> lvl50 that frog hero grinded a LOT between fights :D

Just to add that little but of “can always be better”, the player frog could use a sliiiiight more jump angle especially since it is its own ability ;)

LOVED it <3

Thanks for playing :) I will look into that bug since you’re not the only one having it

Thank you, I just added that part of the description because I had feedback of it not beeing clear, glad it helped understand :D (so people do actually read descriptions lol)

What can I say, I LOVE rhythm games, even more non musical games.

  • Really good both on mechanics, visuals and sound

  • Ticking sounds usually irritates me but it is a good idea to stay on the beat here

  • Could use some light effects like the cells on the disc blinking on the beat for example

  • Please setup Unity to use Physical keys in ProjectSettings>Input or use InputSystem, so that non QWERTY users can play the game without changing the keyboard region

Thank you! We had a lot of fun thinking of this interactions

Took me way too much tries but I loved it from start to finish!

  • I miss a death counter

  • I think you should have added a little pause on death at least so that the player can see what he died to

  • Loved the Limbo style visuals, took me a while to see there is no walking animation

  • A little big for no checkpoint

  • I did not feel the pressure of time unfortunately

Thank you! I plan to continue updating this project so keepyour eyes open for updates :)

Posted a Linux and Mac version (still same content as release) ;)

Well, all I can say is perfect.

Just had the game slow down the more I died, but at least it got me the X rating (it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :p)

Game started going slower after a few runs soooo did I unlock easy mode by being bad :D

Not a huge fan of tower defense games, but I mean adding rhythm is always a good addition :D

  • Funny how only the title screen is lower quality than the rest visually, did not expect this effect on retry
  • Your game is a good fun hard!
  • Had to restart multiple times to see you can upgrade, maybe show this somewhere
  • Also a SFX when the bar is ready, always forget to use it

I’d love to love this game, it looks amazing, sounds are great too, but it was too hard to play.

  • The ingredients move too fast so you don’t really have the time to check what they do
  • Font is hard to read
  • Really small screen

I get it is from pico8 and good job comitting to this retro style all the way, maybe only 2 stats per ingredient would have cleared some space on screen to make it more readable (though les fun for sure)

It is one of the rare occasions where I can say you are limited by the engine Would have LOVED it with a bigger resolution and a bit slower

Thanks, the fastest way I found to show the beat on screen was the color pattern changing on beat.

I think to implement something like the beat indicator in NecroDancer I need to use something completely different that does not rely on time estimations (like FMOD but it is out of my knowledge)

Glad to hear you are a fan of these games and you liked mine <3

Thank you! It means a lot from another rhythm game enthusiast to know you liked this :D

For the web version you should focus more on the color pattern than the music, unfortunately, but I will def add a Linux build if it is as simple as changing the output platform ;)

I planned to have like 3 levels of increasing bpm, but didn’t make it in time (def coming in the next few days as an update though ;) )

Cute game, would have been better with a grid system since you cant move left/right and up/down at the same time (I mean walking cell by cell so you don’t have to be as precise and just walk just to the right of the characters missing them)

Mousewheel is more two buttons for me and you require mouse for the menu so not exactly 3 buttons, though I get why youwanted to use the mousewheel

The ambrosia is a nice addition

Loved your work on the visuals.

The controls are cool but a little confusing, the left is way slower than the right, and it is not always easy to go where you want

Gameover screens sometimes last really long somehow

Please use the InputSystem or enable Physical keys in InputManager (on by default since unity 2022) as this allows for non QWERTY players to play the game without changing the keyboard region

Last thing is you need the mouse in the starting cutscene (it was fun btw), so not really 3 buttons, but yeah

Nice idea! I loved the tutorial but it really needs some movespeed, reading the comments slow movespeed is necessary for later levels, did not go that far but I think you could have a different movespeed per level for exemple.

Missing a jump means 10+ seconds of wait for the platforms and player to be in the correct position again.

I would say the mouse clicks make it more than 3 buttons, but this is a simple fix

Thank you for playing, yeah I’m not sure why this only happens in the web version :/ You can still use the coloured tiles to sync your inputs but yeah music would be better

I’m planning on updating this game so please check it out again in a few days if you liked it

Thank you :) You are supposed to tap in rhythm with the music/color changing tiles (web version has a strong delay on my tests) Maybe that’s why you had missed inputs?

The enemey’attacks target random cells, so you have a chance to get away with brute spam, but you are supposed to try and evade its attacks (orange cells before the beat)

I planned on having multiple levels without healing in between which would render brute spamming way less of a good solution, coming soon tm

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Cool game!, Obviously some “bugs” to fix / qol to add but the concept is nice

  • Loved the visuals (also the page description, nice to see something different)

  • Good audio selection (could use a little more energetic music maybe but I’m just waking up so there’s that too :D)

  • For the controls, I think it would have been better to have maybe hover to select a card, click / button to play card, other button to discard, and a UI button to cancel use. Currently, it is to slow to use. Or drop card on a cell to use it on this cell, but then you need to not drag the card visual itself so you can see the cells.

  • Not sure how you did your random card generation, but I had multiple times the move card pop 50+ times in a row, you may want to add a dynamic loot table that lowers the chances to get a card every time you get it

  • Not a fan of the itch fullscreen, remove this option as Unity adds a builtin fullscreen to webgl builds (may have to play with the screen size on your project page so that the fullscreen button shows correctly, I usually make mine 960*640 and keep the default resolution in unity), the one from itch does not scale up the game, it just isolates it in a white page

  • I did not understand how to prevent damages, enemies just random between move and attack?

  • Enemies sometimes move to the same cell as you preventing your attacks

  • The 3rd (or was it 4th?) level played on loop for me, don’t know if it is intentional

  • Make the door clearer, maybe an opened door sprite when the enemies are dead

  • Did not find a cool use for the Time card, maybe you should be able to use it on yourself to heal?

That’s a lot, but I loved this game

Ohhh, now I get it! I didn’t realise that, the game is so much clearer now :D Too late to change my rating unfortunately, but I could at least see more of the game

You may want to not save the velocity at checkpoint, for some reason I got stuckat the checkpoint before the first stairs (after the big jumper) as it would respawn me infinitely at increasing velocity throwing me to the wall.

But gameplay wise it is a very good idea

I like your art, had fun watching censored clouds passing by :D

  • did not feel the limitation
  • loved the art
  • upgrades are cool
  • but the game is too simple so these upgrades are not needed

Soooo, sorry in advance maybe it’s just me (reading the comments it is just me) but I really didn’t get it.

I really don’t mean to be harmful at all, it seems to be done joyfully (like I can literally hear the voice actors smiling as they’re acting) it just does not hit for me.

Plus the crossover of the two most unrelated universes … why?

The system of this game is clean (menus, voice timing, options etc) though it may or may not be some kind of framework (never heard of Ren’Py) nonetheless it works perfectly.

Art is some copyrighted images stacked on top of the others I don’t think it meets the limitation also from what I’ve played

Once again I don’t mean to be mean just being objective and in the context of this gamejam :(

Bit of a mixed feeling for me…

  • concept is fun

  • art is good, love the attention to details, I spent time filling the blank canvas

  • the music is fitting and engaging

  • I did not get the point in changing colors except for the canvas ennemy which requires specific color

  • No retry? Black screen on death

  • No web version + very small non resizable window :/

  • is the second level suposed to be endless? It lasted a long time and could not shoot the moon so not sure if there is more…

  • Did not see the limitation during gameplay

So yeah mixed feelings, this can be huge with some time on it for sure though

There’s a fourth one? I’ll go and check right now! Arrows are fine when you have no other buttons, moving with the right hand feels weird to most people.

Did not expect the multiple color ones, good idea

  • I know what it is not being an artist and defaulting to bright colors (I have the same), but you could add some transparent background to lower the intensity for exemple
  • 1,2,3 keys don’t work the same depending on keyboard region, use more keyboard invariant keys (maybe space to cycle through colors)
  • did not expect to have so much fun, good juice!

Love the player sprite for some reason but the game is unplayable, just resets everytime you touch the ground :/ From the little I could try it, the movement seems interesting but couldn’t really see it in action

In a sense if moving kills you, I guess you are your ennemy but yeah needs some bugfix

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The start is too slow, but speeding up makes it impossible to follow too soon, better find a sweet spot that makes it fast enough to be fun but not too fast so that you can still react

Also not a fan of not being able to stop

The idea of changing colors to match the danger is good

Of course there is polish, art, audio to improve