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thanks for playing dude, I will make sure to upload a video how to play. Cuz I get it this game can be confusing when playing it for the first time

really appreciate the feedback, and love your idea to make it more interesting. will surely look into that

cute fun game dude, you could have optimized the graphics more.

yeah sorry for that bug. I have a new build with no bugs and more interesting levels, once the jam is over i will upload it if you want to play more you can. 

lol dude you should try to grind rating , at least 20 ratings, your game has potential.

lol sorry for that

aren't we all :(

thanks mate B)

nice puzzles man i wish i had made some good puzzles like those :(

lol the game was fun, my game has the similar concept in which it changes objects into different thing rather than the player

lol that's a straight forward game

that's a nice approach for the theme, could be a good mobile game.

love the artstyle and game feel, and yes too hard for me lol i should git gud

one of the best game made in this jam I have played so far, the design the concept the polishing is top notch, and it also matches the theme very well (dying is not real).

yo love the puzzles man i wish i had made some effort into making some good puzzles, the concept is unique and you really know how to level design puzzles.

nice game dude I made my game with similar idea, in that instead of moving the objects around you can change objects from real to not real. 

love your game man <3, you took the beginner's guide approach and i have a soft spot in my heart for that game.

cool fun game lol, I really enjoyed. 

pretty gun game, i just can't find the difference maybe i should git gud

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thanks for the feedback man, about the level i had to rush the level making in 3 hours only so i was only able to make 3 levels :'). once the jam ends i will make more levels ,fix the hitbox area and some more changes to make it a proper good game.

thanks for your feedback will increase the interactable area

pretty cool game


yo nice man, that is some interesting mechanics you got there. a little hint on how to play would be appreciated but after knowing the concept the game become real interesting.

nice little game, could be a good game for mobile platform

thanks man for playing the game, actually the game is meant to be played in full screen that's why cursor seems real big into windowed mode.


Game was fun. if you want to work on this project more you can take inspiration from papers please. as the base of your game is ready all you need to do is polish it more

nice game dude, you could add a little tutorial to explain the mechanics cuz i gotta read all the comments to understand what's happening. Game Matches the theme in unique sense

cute art style, pretty game.

you could make player as a soul of the body in the dream world and it's task is to find the real you the real body and whenever he touches other character it say's that's not the real me or something like that lol

thanks dude, making more levels yup that's the plan

thanks man, yeah that is the plan after the jam to add more good levels.


man art style is realy gr8 like if could have sticked with whole game art with that style, it would have been blend better with game feel. Music is gr8 perfect for a game like this

really appreciate it man 

lol grinding in it's purest form, would love to see more if ui elements worked properly

nice game man, but fear bar filling time takes to much time lol( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

nice job man real polished game, you could have got more players and ratings if you had made that game for browser. Theme fits real good and great puzzles also, you really put in some hardwork for polishing the game

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lool that's a fun game, i am more hurt than those red blocks. I literally let go of the game now it's been open for an hour, is there a punchline ? or my pc is gonna expload 

ps: you should those waifus sprites in those red blocks, to truly let go of them

i rate your game you rate mine, deal ? :P lol

nice game btw good for mobile platform.