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Supposedly Knife ?View game page

A knife which does stuff which it is not supposed to !
Submitted by phenom — 52 minutes, 26 seconds before the deadline
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Supposedly Knife ?'s page

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It's not supposed to do that

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Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Had a lot of fun playing this! Loved the crazy knife, and wondering which ability I’ll get to use this time. My best score was 1750. Liked the entry dialogue with the wizard too :)

Wish there were some more variety in abilities for the knife, after a few rooms the existing ones got a bit repetitive - but that’s fine for the scope. Some more ‘juice’, like having slight sound effects or visual effects for enemies getting hit and dying, would have enhanced the fun. Also had some issues with the screenshake and noise everytime you get hit, it’s a bit excessive and causes fatigue. There was one situation where I got softlocked - enemies stay stuck in the corner when you have the item-throwing knife. If you keep throwing things and stack spikes all around the enemy, you can’t progress any further because the enemy stays alive forever.

Also, returning to the main menu starts the music again, overlapping the previously playing version. Sounds cool as heck!

Fun entry though, liked the graphics and music, would love to try again if any new content is added :)



It was way too hard for me but seems to be a well polished game - well done! Love the loading screen and the bit of humour in the script writing.
I had to try out the UI buttons - the bug gave the soundtrack a creepy and intense vibe which I didn't hate :p


thanks for playing dude, I will make sure to upload a video how to play. Cuz I get it this game can be confusing when playing it for the first time