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Thanks for the link! But im not sure it's really appropriate, since the game doesn't features any sound or music.. the point was to create rythm that depends on the player's input (the more you activate a group of stars the faster it moves and the quicker you have to activate it), wich doesn't fits with any kind of music (it would be awkward if there was any kind of audio feedback on that).
Thanks a lot for the proposition though, i didn't knew that jam and I might do it in the future!!

I really love it, feels so weird to play! nice piece of work

Well done! I see we had very similar ideas!

Thanks! Yes the games gets really tricky on some stars, im fixing it for a more stable update after the jam is over (ill put more graphics feedback too) 
Using mostly an azerty keyboard myself I tried to make the game enjoyable for everyone!

Reminded me from the Hotline Miami's mechanic of throwing your empty gun at your enemy's face, felt good to play with, well done!

You almost never needs all the keys at once, you got to manage the one that are useful for you !
Thanks !!!

really hard but so awesome! I love the aesthetic you picked here, and the gameplay feels so good! one of the best i've played so far, congratulations

it was really fun, and pretty, but i dont really see bow it fits with the theme? Good experience though, i liked it

yet another platformer-but-you-cant-jump, but this one feels really good and has some neat art. well done!

Good and simple idea that works perfectly! Plus some nice and minimalist sound design and aesthetic

I will develop the game further after the jam, but it will be on a specific device that i will create for this one game, where you can use both of your hand with buttons placed on easy position!

If your stuck its because the level are created with a random difficulty, there is a difficult point at the beginning and after that it gets easier, ill try to correct this 


I've left differents keys, maybe you could try some other combinaison of keys? 

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Thanks, thats actually the first game I make, so your experience of it helps me a lot to enhanced my future projects! 

Thanks for your video, if you enjoyed the hidden story (the "posters" thingy) there are actually 16 littles pixel art, wich tell everything that happened before, you can do a quick run to discover all of them if you want to

(on every image there a coded word !)
((the david cage joke was funny))

Well, another youtuber called "Cryptic Hybrid" made a video on the game, and he does finish it, so you could just watch his video to beat your problem!!!