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We did a lot of optimization, it doesn't need a high graphics card. The minimum we suggest Nvidia GTX760 or AMD Radeon 7950

Nice gameplay, Haha, we're happy about you like it. We tried cold steel style before we tried this kind of warm and clean art 

We updated our demo, please to refer our twitter Twitter update news! Thank you all!

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We are in the rating application process now, but it isn't finished yet, I can't tell any concrete news in case of misleading. Generally, we categorize the target by focusing on puzzle gamers.

Sounds great! Let me know your video, I'd love to share it

We're also proud of our puzzles' design, even right now some parts aren't perfect, but the core style pretty much shows off what we desired. We also paid a lot to time and resources to the aesthetic, and we are still optimizing it.

Haha, surely, your constructive criticism is great. We're trying to give more instructions about the bot in the first two tutorial levels. We will give more types of puzzles too. For some puzzles, our designers were trying to hide the correct way inside the blind point.  So those puzzles become more challenging and only have one way. 

 (We are still working on the snow, so it's intentionally we didn't add it for now.)

Me too, we are doing the final optimization and fixing bugs, our target is late of July!

Try it first! If it isn't compatible right now, no worries, we will have a better optimized version.

Haha, that's funny gameplay, we will make harder puzzles in the later version!

Cool, I'm more than happy to hear you had fun. And all puzzles will get harder in later levels, right now, those puzzles are just appetizers, they are using to help gamers know about the basic elements. 

What a good words to us! we will do more optimizations, try our best to make you feel good about the final version .

We update and cancel the wall, try to make this puzzle more challenging. And the Y needs you to finish all levels first, then, it can work

Glad you like it. How do you feel about those puzzles?

haha,  we self call it "clean fresh art", but we don't know how the exact official name of the art style too!

We may make a plan in the future, because our first focus will be on console version after windows released.

haha, looks nice, may I know many times did you tried those puzzles? You are so good at it.

Very interesting gameplay, and you have another puzzle world to go through

Full release targets on July, let's see what happens to Maya and her mom

WoooooooW!!! Will you try?

nice try, haha, we use Unity 3d

yeah, Unity 3d engine

Win 10, lowest requirements are  Intel Core i3-2100 | AMD FX-6300;  4 GB RAM; Nvidia GeForce GTX760 | AMD Radeon 7950; DirectX 11; 4G storage rooms;

You can try, and we will try to optimize it

Target time is the July, we will make it better than demo

Maybe Ever Forward full game, hahaha

We will optimize more in graphic in the full game.  and how do you think about those puzzles, hard or easy?

Nice gamplay video.  And looks like you didn't stuck in anywhere, seems the full game needs to be harder, Lol

Our target is to get the full game on July, and for this demo, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can tell us

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We are happy to announced that our imaginative puzzle platform adventure title Ever Forward has been released as a free demo, and it is scheduled for launch this summer on PC. 

In Ever Forward players impersonate Maya; a twelve-year-old girl lost on the edge of dreams and reality.

As you unveil the mysteries of her subconscious, you will unlock her memories step-by-step and progressively face her fears and sorrows.

By facing challenging puzzles and exploring breathtaking environments, you will slowly reveal the secrets buried in Maya’s heart.


The Ever Forward demo will let fans experience nearly 40% of the entire game content, challenging them with eight intricately designed puzzles. At the same time, players will be able to immerse themselves with the game’s dual environments and dive into the main characters (Maya) memories and secrets.


Note that the saving file will be inherited in the full release version

If you like Ever Forward Demo and find this game fun, please add to your WISHLIST, so to receive the latest game information.

Thanks for the support, at the same time we would much appreciate if you can share it with friends and fellow gamer.

To keep up with the evolution of EF make sure to follow us on  Twitter Or Join our Discord Channel

Happy to know that you are enjoying our game... a share with fellow gamer is much appreciated :)


From the same studio as the charming RPG My Time at Portia, Ever Forward is a 3D Adventure Puzzle game; it is about the story of Maya, she is lost in a strange world between reality and imagination. She is alone  to confront her despair on her journey of discovery, where she mist unlock her memories and confront her fears to unravel; the secret of the world.

Inspired by the likes of Journey and Portal. Ever Forward promises a captive and thought provoking  gaming experience .

Thank you, Pc demo coming in the up next few weeks, stay tuned to our channels for more informations

Multiplayer will be very hard to do for this game, it'll be like writing a new game. But, never say never, if this game's successful enough, we might do a DLC. For future games in this universe, we'll consider multiplayer for sure. :)

This glitch can be solved by going to the save before you've accepted this mission, the proceed with the mission without leaving the cave after you've entered the first time. I'd just suggest wait for the next build.

We did something that should have fixed this issue for the next build. So we'll see what happens then. :)

We're going to optimize the game more so that it'll be able to run decent on the lowest settings on an Intel HD 5500+. We hope to anyway.

Alpha 1.0 saves doesn't work in 2.0, unfortunately.

It should be ok after Feb 7th. It's a bug that we've already fixed for the next build.

These will be easier in the future, we're still tweaking the numbers.

This is a bug that happens when you load a save from when you're inside the cave. We have already fixed in the office, but for this build, you'll need to load a save from before you entered the cave and it should go fine. Sorry for the issue.