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Multiplayer will be very hard to do for this game, it'll be like writing a new game. But, never say never, if this game's successful enough, we might do a DLC. For future games in this universe, we'll consider multiplayer for sure. :)

This glitch can be solved by going to the save before you've accepted this mission, the proceed with the mission without leaving the cave after you've entered the first time. I'd just suggest wait for the next build.

We did something that should have fixed this issue for the next build. So we'll see what happens then. :)

We're going to optimize the game more so that it'll be able to run decent on the lowest settings on an Intel HD 5500+. We hope to anyway.

Alpha 1.0 saves doesn't work in 2.0, unfortunately.

It should be ok after Feb 7th. It's a bug that we've already fixed for the next build.

These will be easier in the future, we're still tweaking the numbers.

This is a bug that happens when you load a save from when you're inside the cave. We have already fixed in the office, but for this build, you'll need to load a save from before you entered the cave and it should go fine. Sorry for the issue.

Some quick fixes

Fixed default graphics setting not being “fantastic”
Fixed issue with AI putting things on the ground and not picking it up
Fixed crash happening when sparring
Fixed Phyllis not appearing sometimes
Fixed shining apples that looks like nuke explosions when using integrated cards
Tweaked Dawa’s position for receiving the wooden boards commission
Tweaked the position of the revive spot in the Amber Island cave

Usually, we do get somewhat quiet right before a release, since we're all busy making the game. We're not a big studio, so even the people answering questions are normally working on design, programming, or such and such.

Ah, you're getting into unplanned territory. :) But we'll have this fixed by the next build.

We should have put a pop up prompt up saying this isn't available in this build. Houses will be split into functional parts and you'll upgrade it slowly instead of as a whole.

Do you mean your game crashed?

It's up here as well, took a while to upload.

Try the newest build and see, we've added in a tutorial pop up for this specific problem, kind of in your face, but it should solve the issue.

Nice catch!

It'll be on Steam for a bit during EA. If we have the resources to maintain a presents on all platforms, then we'll try to do that. All comes down to if we have the man power to maintain all the different builds for every platform.

It will be on here as well. might even be able to fly it. :)

Early Access should be in October if everything goes smoothly.

There will be at least 1 more free build. After which you'll need to get it on Steam. If you really can't find any other payment options then, email us and we'll see what we can do.

It'll be in before EA. We'll try to get a few more face/hair types in before then as well. :)

That doesn't sound right. How often does this happen, and when? When it's loading the world map for the first time? What are your PC specs?

At the end of this month.

Thanks for reporting the bugs, we'll try to fix them for the next build.

Yes, you'll be able to marry.

The world size won't change in the future, but we will be opening up the rest of the map through progression. We have plans for other cities through DLCs if this game does well. 

No magic in this game, but once you get sci-fi enough, it's really not that far away. :)

Sure thing, if you notice any English spelling mistakes, please inform us. :)

House editing is going to be a key part of the workshop upgrades, there will be multiple options for each section of the house. And yes, we plan to have lots of different cloth, it all comes down to budget. 

Another update is coming at the end of the month. :)

Probably a bug. We'll try to figure it out.

If you crash again, can you send the crash log (output.txt) found in the game folder to us at Thanks!

I think everyone will be pleased with the "farmhand" we have planned. :)

We actually have a tree farm that will eventually provide all the wood resources that you need if you pay up., you don't even need to go chop it on your own as someone will do it for you. But trees do regrow and we're probably going to allow players to plant as well.

The only limits are children, married folks, and really old people. We even thought about the player being able to break apart a married couple...but only for a minute.

Probably during Early Access.

Nice! Thanks for the help! We're a little busy at the moment, but we'll provide some of the images over the next few weeks. 


When we're on Early Access, there will be a Mac version.

I don't think we received your email, I rechecked and can't find any with your issues. Can you resend? Thanks.

You know you can download the alpha right now on this site, right?