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Bandirat's quest glitch?

A topic by kristannah created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 713 Replies: 4
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i get to the bandirats quest it does the cutscene and the rats just sit there and nothing happens

This is a bug that happens when you load a save from when you're inside the cave. We have already fixed in the office, but for this build, you'll need to load a save from before you entered the cave and it should go fine. Sorry for the issue.

things are floating around in the cave, can't imagine why, but it would suit the haunted cave image, even if it's a bug, as long as it does not mess with anything other i would let it be.

I seem to have the same bug, but im not able to fix it. will you fix the bug without deleting all save files? I tried to load back to before I entered the cave to bring power stones but I was not abled to enter the cave. PLEASE HELP

I crash about 80% of the time I go into the cave, I think there are just some snips of code missing that it flips out over. (Throws out stuff talking about spawn point or an object placement)

Chances are we'll have to wait until the next version to avoid the crashes. For now, I'd suggest saving before anything too big and keeping in mind that it may crash anyway.