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A topic by stefanw1337 created Sep 18, 2017 Views: 3,303 Replies: 2
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When I saw SplatterCat play this on youtube I was very thrilled about it. And he mentioned Terraria in there. And so I downloaded the demo to try it out. And I really like it. But what my dream game is right now is this game, with it's artstyle and plans to have multiplayer and be more like Terraria(not going under ground but dungeons and content to do) as in progression towards being the ultimate farmer or adventurer. So I pledged on kickstarter.

So are multiplayer option gonna be a thing, is there a strechgoal for it? Or maybe a thing after launch? Will it have more vehicles, "mounts" as in animals to ride. And will it have content and discoverable things like Metroidvania or Terraria. And I don't mean ridiculous things shooting lasers, but guns and upgraded tools, bosses etc?


Multiplayer will be very hard to do for this game, it'll be like writing a new game. But, never say never, if this game's successful enough, we might do a DLC. For future games in this universe, we'll consider multiplayer for sure. :)

Multiplayer for My Time at Portia would be awesome! Me and my friend played the alpha 2.1 and we LOVED it! It was truly the best game we ever playd! We took a look on steam and saw that it soon will have a ful realese. We hoped that it would come multiplayer so we could play it togheter and have lots of fun! So please patheagames, add multiplayer! Its my only dream right now, best regards leo & Hannes!

We love your work <3