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inb4 it's closed down by Nintendo for legal reasons.

I do agree, it's quite much for a like this. I can see this price when the game is finished. But right now I'm probably gonna hold off.

I was thinking Halflife 3 when I saw this.. xD

When I saw SplatterCat play this on youtube I was very thrilled about it. And he mentioned Terraria in there. And so I downloaded the demo to try it out. And I really like it. But what my dream game is right now is this game, with it's artstyle and plans to have multiplayer and be more like Terraria(not going under ground but dungeons and content to do) as in progression towards being the ultimate farmer or adventurer. So I pledged on kickstarter.

So are multiplayer option gonna be a thing, is there a strechgoal for it? Or maybe a thing after launch? Will it have more vehicles, "mounts" as in animals to ride. And will it have content and discoverable things like Metroidvania or Terraria. And I don't mean ridiculous things shooting lasers, but guns and upgraded tools, bosses etc?

"The version of Anchored that is found here on is considered a vertical slice (demo or proof of concept) of what a potential fully finished game would look like. The game was finished in June 2016 and unfortunately the development of Anchored is not going to be continued."
So I guess what this game is now is all there's gonna be..